Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A God here, a Goddess There

When Gaelynn awakens in Livanya, she quickly discovers the land and it's people aren't all that different from her modern world. In the countries of her new world, Gods and Goddesses are real. The Deities are similar to the Greek & Roman immortals in that they occasionally respond to requests from prayers or assisting their favorites at a whim's notice.

The first among the deities is Thaelia, the Mother of All Gods & Goddesses. She rarely intercedes in the affairs of Her children or the mortals. One famous exception was a knight called Sir Haeveldt of Crealek. Thaelia took a mortal form to walk amongst Her children and fell in love with Haeveldt. When he died defending Thaelia, she immortalized him in the heavens as the Hunter. Thaelia is represented by the Moon and placed his physical remains in a tomb in Narulek. Silver, horses, rosemary, and corn are sacred to Her. The fourth month, or Thaelia's Moon, is dedicated to Her.

Kyregat is Thaelia's consort, and the Father of All. Kyregat is represented by the Sun. Gold, Sapphires, lions, sunflowers, and larch tress are sacred to Kyregat. The sixth month, or Kyregat's Moon, is dedicated to Him.

Thaelia and Kyregat have six children, all minor Gods or Goddesses.

Chanxeri rules over the element of fire. Rubies, citrine, phoenixes, foxes, firetrees, cranberries are sacred to her. The fifth month, Chanxeri's Moon, is dedicated to Her.

Jaira rules over the earth. Amber, rose quartz, unicorns, wolves, poppies, and willow trees are sacred to her. The second month, or Jaira's Moon, is dedicated to Her.

Jenslu rules over the realm of the Air. Opals, amethysts, dragons, eagles, ferns, and jasmines are sacred to Jenslu. A famous hero called Averell from the country of Seimerki was a champion of Jenslu. The first month, or Jenslu's Moon, is dedicated to Him.

Kywedyn rules over the beasts of the land. Emeralds, tiger eye, deer, tigers, grapes, and oak trees are sacred to him. Kywedyn is called on during the fire feasts. The ninth month, or Kywedyn's Moon, is dedicated to Him.

Tealvia rules over the waters. Pearls, turquoise, otters, sharks, kelp, and water lillies are sacred to her. The third month, or Tealvia's Moon, is dedicated to Her.

Zabe rules in the Underworld. Onyx, diamonds, bears, badgers, comfrey, and damiana are sacred to him. The tenth month, or Zabe's Moon, is dedicated to Him.

To make the months of the year complete, here is the list:

January - Jenslu's Moon
February - Jaira's Moon
March - Tealvia's Moon
April - Thaelia's Moon
May - Chanxeri's Moon
June - Kyregat's Moon
July - Thunder Moon
August - Fire Moon
September - Kywedyn's Moon
October - Zabe's Moon
November - Bear's Moon
December - Dog Moon

Blue Moon - Dragon's Moon (two full moons in one month)

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