Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 Reno Celtic Fair

Saturday, Oct. 3rd (and Sun the 4th) the 25th annual Reno Celtic Fair was held at Bartley Ranch County park in Reno (NV). We are proud members of the Nevada Society of Scottish Friday, Sam and I helped with the set-up of the hospitality booth. It was the first time we were able to participate in a Society function.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

History of Dispatching book is available

After five years I am proud to announce my book, "What is your emergency? The history of Public Safety Dispatching in America" is now in print. Currently, it can be ordered online via Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle. In 6-8 weeks, you can will be able to obtain it through Barnes & Noble and other retail book sellers in North America and the world.

I would like to express my thanks to all of the people who provided information, reference sources, advice, and encouragement during the process.

Public Safety is an ever-evolving field. As with computers, technology is moving quickly. I tried to touch on the most current information. Over the decades, so many wonderful folks were unsung heroes to our profession. Others stepped up to bring new ideas. If I left them out, I do apologize. It wasn't on purpose. Much of our history (as in dispatching) is not recorded or available except to those who know those involved. Sadly, some I reached out to never returned my inquiries.

I hope you enjoy my book. I welcome your feedback.

Stay safe out there!

Friday, September 18, 2015

San Jose Sharks Coaching records

The 2015-2016 NHL Hockey season is almost upon us. This year the San Jose Sharks will begin with a new coach: Peter DeBoer. Peter is an experienced head coach, spending time in both the CHL and NHL. During his tenure with the New Jersey Devils, he had a record of 114-93-41 in 248 games. His winning record ranks second to Jacques Lamaire. In the 2011-2012 Season DeBoer coached the team to the Stanley Cup Final. Will Peter take the Sharks all the way? We certainly hope so. He has already stated a team captain will be designated.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Balloons in Reno: 2015 Great Reno Balloon Races - at NDOW!!

Sunday morning I was getting ready for a typical start of shift. A couple of units out already and some calls to deal with. No big deal...right?

Surprise! I hear a hissing sound. Being the ever-curious dispatcher I am, I star looking around to see what is making the sound. I look outside and to my surprise, the sky is FULL of colorful balloons from the 2015 Great Reno Balloon Races.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

History of Dispatching Book update

It's almost done. I have sent off advanced reading copies to a handful of reviewers. I'm crossing my fingers they like tit. Pending minor changes based on their suggestions, I expect to have the final edition available and ready for sale no later than October 31. It will on sale via Amazon and via Barnes & Noble.

Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Here is the cover as it stands now (subject to change)