Monday, December 5, 2016

New Sharks books and update on the team

Woohoo...its hockey season and the San Jose Sharks are are doing okay. The team just completed their mega-stretch of games (each team has one). They currently stand in eighth place overall, third in the Western Conference, and first in the Pacific Division. The team has a new app for those who live in CA, which lets folks watch games live (providing you have the CSN Bay Area tv).

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Election and Civics

People are upset over the results of the election and are marching in protect. Many of those on the streets didn’t vote or were too young to vote. They are calling out names: fascist, socialist, racists but they can’t define what the terms mean. The people are unable to explain what the actual process of electing a leader to our country is or what the responsibilities of our President are.

Why isn’t civics being taught? 

Do these idiots really think they can go out are throw a tantrum and magically, the election results will be reversed? Some of the marchers can't even say what they would do to change the situation. They have a right to speak their mind but don't have the right to be destructive. What did they expect? A do-over?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Making a legend: Origins of the Thoroughbred Racehorse

Horse racing has been around for as long as people and horses have worked together. The first domesticated horses weren’t ridden. Horses pulled carts and chariots. A letter penned in 1780 BC exists to King Zimri-Lin, ruler of the city-state Mari, which was located on the Euphrates River. In this correspondence, the writer discourages the king from riding a horse (a donkey was deemed okay) but advised him to use a chariot. Apparently only barbarians rode horses. In their leisure time, the ancients raced their chariots (remember the infamous Ben Hur scene) in open areas and in Hippodromes.  Homer spoke of chariot racing in his epic poem, The Iliad. The biggest arena was Circus Maximus in Rome which could host 200,000 spectators – most major cities had arenas for events. Chariot races were traditionally seven laps in length, which equates to three miles. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

What is a witch?

October brings the explosion of Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations in the shops. Witches and sorcerers are always been popular costumes, more recently due to the Harry Potter phenomena. Check out any major Halloween store and you’ll fund a nice selection of witch outfits ranging from the classic Wicked Witch of the West to a New Age version but what is a witch?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Zabe's Judgment: A Thaelia's World short story

            One of the camp priests was walking out of Faucione’s tent when the King approached. The Earl’s men stood around, anxious to be with their leader in his last moments. Arken didn’t ask how Braeden was doing, it was apparent from the solemn faces on the group of knights. Without asking permission Arken pushed aside the flaps and walked inside with Faxon and Neelam following closely behind.

Death was impatient and stood waiting beside Braeden. The proof was in the undeniable odor that lingered in the makeshift room. Arken was used to bad smells but this was tough to bear. He swallowed the urge to vomit. The second sign was the foul pus oozing from Braeden’s abdomen, despite bandages covering the wound. Braeden himself was flushed red from the wound fever, his eyes glazed red from the combination of poppy juice and vorane he’d been drinking. Sir Bowen moved to stand by the squires to let King Arken have access to Braeden. All of the Faucione men stood watching expecting Arken to make a speech honoring their leader. After the King was finished it was understood that Kevin would give Braeden the merciful stroke and send him to Zabe’s kingdom.