Friday, May 17, 2019

New hires in Dispatch Centers: the culture of welcoming or not

We are in the process of hiring a Dispatcher trainee. Public Safety Telecommunicators (aka Public Safety Dispatchers, or for the rest of this post, Dispatchers) go through the same hiring hoops as law enforcement personnel. It is a long path to that first day.

So why do we, as a rule, treat our trainers like crap, when we should be welcoming each and every one with open arms?

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Back to the original

Well, I'm back to the original site. I tried to use a new blogger site and almost had to order a wig from Dolly Parton's company, it was so difficult. When I went to me previous blogger: Greycliff's Chronicles,  and posted, it diverted here. I can't say why but here we are, folks.

If you are curious about previous posts, the link is:

Are you confused because I am!

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And then there were four

And then there were four: San Jose, St. Louis, Carolina, and Boston. Four teams: one purpose. The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to the Conference Finals. One team needs only eight more wins to hoist the storied Cup and subsequently have their names etched on the chalice for eternity. Who will it be?

Friday, February 17, 2017

I'll have mine with cream: The origins of tea

I always start my day with a refreshing cuppa. For those of you non-British folks, that means a cup of tea. Now, I am an old-fashioned English gal and I prefer my black tea hot, with milk (cream) – no sugar. My mother didn’t let me have tea until I was a teenager. I felt ‘grown-up’ when I finally was allowed that first delicious cup. In the afternoons, I like to have a cup with a biscuit (cookies). My tea drinking is regular, regardless of the weather outside.

I think English people’s blood is part-tea. Tea and England are ingrained. One can hardly talk about one without the other.