Saturday, April 15, 2023

Title IX and womanface


What is “womanface” and Title IX?

Before you start sending hate mail, remember that I am speaking about women’s rights. Any of you recall a little Federal Amendment by the Health and Human Services division (HHS) called Title IX? It gave females equal rights in sports and education. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 was to update Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned several forms of discrimination in employment, but did not address or mention discrimination in education. The update added protections for women that did not exist.

Title IX gave rights to girls and woman that did not exist before. Now, our government is trying to wipe that away and private companies & the federal teacher’s association are helping.  Men have a different musculoskeletal structure than women (just LOOK at Lia Thomas verses the women it is competing against – the advantage is obvious). These differences are clear upon onset of puberty. This gives men an advantage against women and trans women a big one over women. Modifying Title IX to allow trans women in female sports or to use lockers rooms/bathrooms for women sets women back.


Where are the feminists now?

I have said this before. Anyone recall the Eastern Bloc athletes of the mid-20th century? Once drug testing was enabled, too many of them were disqualified. Common drugs included testosterone (taken by the women). This gave them an edge over their competitors. How are the trans women any different – only their testosterone/muscles are natural. Let trans compete in the class of the biological birth. Think about it for a moment. How many trans men are participating in male sports?

A small percentage (less than 10%) of men identify as female and are trans. Recently a couple of companies made the choice to use trans “women” in ads targeting women. One in particular, Dylan Mulvaney is wearing make-up and clothing reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Dylan posted a photo wearing a Nike sportsbra – allegedly endorsed by the company. Honey Burdette used a male model, Jake DuPree, to show off lingerie – and the company’s motto is “Made by Women for Women”. Seriously? A trans woman was named “woman of the year for 2023 by USA today.

What woman dresses as if it is the 1950’s on a regular basis? What woman wears outlandish makeup (a la’ drag queen)? A trans woman trying to honestly assimilate doesn’t want to stand out. Those who do wear “womanface”. Natural (biological) women can decide on how much make-up (no none) and a style of clothing that fits their activities. Most of us don’t go out resembling June Cleaver. This is no different from a white person going out in “blackface”. Women must wear bras at work (per most dress codes). I would choose not to if I could, but I can’t get away by not doing so. I certainly can’t participate in activities without one. Why marketing department feel the need to go woke and put-up trans women instead of natural women is beyond me. Personally, I will not purchase from those who push that agenda.

Personally, I don’t care if an adult wants to identify as trans. That is it’s choice, but don’t compare yourself to me. I am a biological female. I have internal female genitalia. Trans women can’t have a period or get pregnant. None of them have the parts and that is the bottom line. Uterine transplants do not exist (if this could be done, there would be thousands of women in line to get it done to have a child).

I will be completely on-board with trans when the NBA and Major League baseball recruit female. Brittney Griner should be playing un the NBA. Have you ever watched softball? Those ladies are amazing. Imagine how fast they could throw overhand or hard they would hit a baseball instead of a softball. The NFL finally brought on a female referee. I’m still waiting fro a female ref in the NHL.

I am not homophobic. My novels have gay and bi-characters through-out. I don't care who adults sleep with, but children are off limits. Minors should grow naturally (we still don't know the effects of puberty-blocking drugs on minors as there are no long-term studies). Children should wait until 18 and go through the established process of counseling before any drugs are given before transitioning. 

So, send your hate mail if you want. I don’t care. Those that do are trying to erase me as a woman. In fact, they are the people who are unable to define what a woman is in the first place. I guess they failed high school biology.





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