Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nowhere to go but up - the debased knight

We first meet Sir Aumery of Faucione when he arrives with Sir Ranulf de Corbeau at the Temple of the Good Sisters of the Holy Trinity near the end of 'On the Trail of Yesterday’s Rose'. Sir Aumery is known to Sir Braeden as a reliable man, trustworthy, and a solid knight to have beside him in a fight.

Only Baron Phillip knows the truth about Aumery’s origins. As far as any of the other residents of the Faucione holdings, Aumery is a penniless knight of dead parents. In fact, Aumery was disowned by his father after being discovered in flagrante delicto for the final time with a guardsman shortly after his younger brother returned home from earning his spurs. It wasn't the first time Aumery was sent home in disgrace.

Gaelynn is introduced to the knight by Braeden and feels an immediate connection to him. Aumery reminds her of her brother, Christopher, with his easy going nature and big heart. It doesn’t take long before the two of them become close friends.

In the second book, Aumery becomes more than a bit part. Lord Phillip is getting old, his health failing. With Braeden taking over more of the official duties, Philip instructs his son to change over the keep positions to men he can erly on. Aumery is appointed Seneschal of Faucione. Phillip admits to Braeden that Kevin is Braeden’s bastard brother – and Aumery’s life partner, recently moved to Faucione from Hedgewood Keep. Only Phillip, Braeden and a select few others know of the two men’s love for one another.

Aumery eventually tells the story of how he ended up at Faucione to Gaelynn. His wide shoulders share her burden when her marriage isn’t all she thought it would be. Aumery does his job well, even impressing King Arken during a birthday feast. Don't let Sir Aumery's calm personality fool you. He is a trained knight and can wield a sword with the best of Faucione's men.

Here is Aumery’s profile:

Born: 11-14-1150
Medium height
Average build
Brown hair
Brown eyes
Mother: refuses to admit
Father: refuses to admit
Family: a younger brother
Astrological sign: A Scorpio

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