Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annual Reno Rodeo

Last Thursday, June 16, 2001 Sam and I stood with just over 200 other folks for about an hour and a half waiting for an annual spectacle. This time of the year we definately rolled the dice, as any Reno resident knows, the weather here is subject to change in fifteen minutes notice. Lady Luck smiled on us: the weather was beautiful (wish you were there).

Every June Reno, Nevada holds it's annual Reno Rodeo. Participants and fans come from all over the world for ten days of exciting action amd $500,000. dolalrs of prize money. The Chamber of commerce says 120,000 fans are expected, and with those fans comes a major boost to this towns' economy.

Yee haw, I say bring them on!

You can't go any where without seeing straw hats, big buckles, or cowboy boots. Nevada Department of WIldlife's Communications Center is close to the Reno Events Center, where the big event is held, so close infact, that we can smell the horse manure (isn't that a treat).

So, back to last Thursday. There we were, lined up on the sidewalk. We arrived early enough to stake a claim on a patch of concrete under a tree. Never can say enough about shade this time of year. It's liek being next to a heater in January, waering a thick sweater and a pair of fuzzy slippers - can't do without 'em. It was fun watching the children. A couple had stick horses, and a few had cowboy costumes on. Everyone was happy and getting along. Darn, eber the Reno cop had a smile on his face (you don't see that in Las Vegas - I think they surgically remove the Metro officers funny bone out during their FTO phase).

That's what I love about this town. For the most part, folks are friendly and polite. Most of the jerks have out of state plates (do I really have to say which state?).

Finally, I saw a pack of Reno & Washoe County motor units roaring up to the north of us. A Reno Public Works was waiting at the end intersection. A breeze gave us the whiff of bovine fecal matter. Yup, the herd was getting close.

AS you can see from the photos, the riders had the cattle blocked in for safety reasons. Every cowboy and cowgirl had huge grins on thier faces. Anyone can sign-up for the cowboy boot-camp (it usually sells out a year in advance - about $1600.00 (thank you very much) for an all-inclusive experience that ends with the three day 30 mile drive in to Reno. Damn, that sounds fun, doesn't it? They end up in the arena of the Events Cneter, which is at Oddie and Sutro in Reno (NV for those of you who don't know where Reno is).

It took about ten minutes to pass by us. We didn't care. After we left, it was off to the Farmer's Market in Sparks. There is always something to do, somewhere to go during the spring and summer here.

Have a safe sumemr - rememebr to wear your PFDs when on the water!

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