Friday, June 10, 2011

Can I get an amen? The ambitious Priest

Walthen of Campo was born of humble origins. His father was a village blacksmith and his mother a village girl, born in the local area. Walthen was meant to be an apprentice to his father until the Goddess Chanxeri sent dreams to Walthen and his parents with a clear meaning: Walthen was to become one of her Priests. At the tender age of five, Walthen was turned over to the Priests of the closest Black Arrow Temple.

The acolyte Walthen took to his studies, a part of him knowing the Goddess had plans for him. Walthen found himself in the right place at the right time when he met Prince Arken. The two young men became friends. When Prince Arken was crowned King, he didn’t forget his friend, Walthen. King Arken named the young Priest Campo one of his counselors. The older Priests were extremely pleased, having one of their own in a place of power.

Sticking close by the side to the King of Greycliff, Walthen of Campo quickly grew used to luxuries. Following his King, Walthen started to plan for his own future. After his rough start to life, the Priest had no intent of remaining in the background. He began to acquire luxaries, acquire his own wealth, and made many 'friends' within Court.

Walthen dreamt of being named the High Priest of Foxwarre, one of the most powerful men, next to the King or the High Counselors, in Greycliff. Walthen was on track to accomplishing his dreams when Arken became side-tracked by a woman a knight asked permission to marry. That woman, Lady Gaelynn of Blackwood, sets off alarms in Walthen of Campos’ head. W

He didn’t like the way the King looked at the strange woman with the short-cropped hair. King Arken acted more like a man in love at first sight with Lady Gaelynn than a man with a simple curiosity. Walthen has plans of his own to implement but the young King was finding his own feet. As Arken matures he seeks out Walthen’s counsel less for everyday matters. Walthen blames this involvement on the influence of the Lady Faucione.

Here is Walthen’s profile:

Born: March 18,1153
Slender build
Brown hair and brown eyes
mother: name not provided
father: name not provided
Temple member: Temple of the Black Arrow

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