Sunday, June 12, 2011

The other side of the blanket - the Knight he never knew.

Sir Kevin was born out of love, on the wrong side of the blanket. His sire, Sir Phillip, the Baron of Faucione fell in love with Kevin’s mother, Mary of Stagshead Village during a visit. Phillip couldn't marry his love, as his true wife, Dierdre was living a half life, dealing with illness and being mentally unstable. Phillip brought Mary, along with Mary’s sister Cora and Cora’s husband Walter to a cottage built just for her outside of the village. Phillip was a regular visitor to his second family, teaching his son and daughter proper manners and etiquette.

Kevin was brought up in a loving home, where Phillip treated his son as a page. As Kevin grew, he listened to tales of knights, battles, and magical creatures. He also heard stories of his brother, Braeden. At the proper age, when given the chance, young Kevin begged to be sent away to begin training as a squire. Phillip sent his son to one of his holdings: Hedgewood Keep. After earning his spurs, Kevin stayed at Hedgewood as a member of his father’s household knights.

Kevin had the difficult task of telling his sire he was different from the other squires. The bastard son of the Baron had women when he grew old enough, as did the other squires. The main difference was the end result: Kevin’s year mates bragged about how great their experiences were but Kevin didn’t connect to the girls at all. He quickly realized the girls didn’t make his heart race or his tongue get tied up, but watching the men in the lists did. An older knight, who stayed for a few days while traveling through the region, inducted Kevin into the mysteries of men.

Kevin was well-received by the residents at Hedgewood by his willingness to take on any task without complaint. He found a few companions along the way for temporary liaisons, but no man was right enough for a permanent relationship – until Sir Aumery came along. To Kevin, it was love at first sight, but Aumery was cautious – he’d been burnt before. As with all great loves, Aumery and Kevin worked through the obstacles and found a middle ground. They both hold on to their hopes when they will be together, instead of occasional visits.

Here is Kevin’s profile:

Born: January 09,1159
Athletic build
Blonde hair and blue eyes
mother: Mary of Stagshead Village
father: Sir Phillip, Baron of Faucione
brother: Sir Braeden du Faucione (half-brother)
sister: Lucy Wulfguard (married to Samson Wulfgard)

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