Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moshuh's adventures

With the weather cooling off, Moshu has been getting out. He's getting up there in years (he turns eleven next month), so we have to be careful about overdoing it in the heat. Since making the move from Las Vegas, Mo has lost some weight, and to help, I pick a new park to explore each week.

Last week it was Teglia's Paradise Park. It's a local park. It looks smaller than it is from the street, but once you start walking around, you quickly find out the square footage is twice what the initial impression gives. There are two ponds, not just one. Of course, any body of water in Reno attracts waterfowl, mostly ducks and geese.

Even in the middle of August, the grass at Paradise is green. This park has ample trees is relax under, but watch out for waterfowl excrement: there's plenty of it, mostly close to the water.

This is a popular fishing spot in town, but remember to have a fishing license if you do fish. Game wardens do swing by and check your paperwork. There is plenty of free parking. You do need to get reservations if you want to have a large group event.

This week Moshu & I went to Idlewild. I'd heard positive feedback about this park from co-workers. It was easy to get too, and as with Paradise, decent, free parking.

This park has a train ride (for a fee) for kids, a rose garden, a police memorial, athletic field, a swimming pool, and multiple ponds. Idlewild is set next to the Truckee river, with a walking path that runs to downtown.

Moshuh and I spent a lazy hour wandering along the grass. He watched the waterfowl, without chasing any (such a good dog). The Rose Garden is very pretty, with a couple of gazebos to sit and relax at. In the main pond, there are three fish statues and a fountain. I could see tiny finger size baby fish. In one of the smalelr ponds, three turtles watched us with wary eyes, diving in when we came too close for comfort.

Not sure where we will go next week. I'll check the parks guide at work and pick one. Mo hears the word 'park' and gets excited.

Any sugestions?

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