Monday, August 29, 2011

Tag team hunting (or where did that mouse go?)

I love Halloween, in fact it's my favorite holliday with Christmas a close second. I love decorating the house, dressing up a costume and handing out candy. When our son was little, I'd go with Sebastian trick or treating decked out in some fun outfit. Our dog, Pu (a Chinese Shar-Pei) wore a doggie costume, along with a doggie backpack. I'd stash goodies inside the pouches and hand out treats to the ckids as we walked from house-to-house. Pu ate up the attention, the kids got a kick out of Pu his his costume, and Sebastian was able to make his rounds in safety.

It was all good.

So what does Halloween have to do with tag team hunting? I planted one pumpkin plant. Up to last week, the vine was spreading out on schedule, with a dozen flowers. On Tuesday, I found a fruit budding on te vine. All right! I'm going to have a home grown pumpkin this year.

I proudly showed my hubby the tiny fruit. He made the right sounds, poked at the tomato plants and asked me why I was planting flowers in the front instead of cutting down weeds. That's my Sam.

For the last two weeks I've been seeing a field mouse hanging around the garden. It scoots away under a nightbors fence when it sees me. I brought the cat over where the not-so-cute critter lives, hoping the cat would get the hint.

I went out on Thursday and found my pumpkin HALF EATEN. The mouse scampered away from the vine. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. I yelled at the cat for failing to do his job. My Halloween pumpkin was gone!

Jezzie, our very large (19 pounds) cat didn't seem to care. Jezzie is on his third move with us. He loved his home in Vallejo, with a huge grassy backyard complete with pond. When we moved to Las Vegas, he hated it (the drive to LV was a story in itself). Jezzie has taken ten months to adjust to Reno. He wasn't crazy about the winter snow. Once the yard is fixed up, I'm sure he will be pleased, but at least he's going out back now.

Once again, one must try to understand this monster we call our cat. He's part Maine Coon. He topped twenty-two pounds at one point. The vet wanted him on a diet. Mr. Kitty didn't like being on a diet. He destroyed two pieces of furniture. He's discovered how to open doors. You don't piss off a cat that is bigger than half of the dogs in the neighborhood. He challenged (and won the battle) between a possum and a sea gull while in Vallejo.

Back to the tag team hunting.

My husband's sister had come up for a few days to visit. I came home from work Saturday - I was beat, it had been a busy shift. I didn't want to be rude, so I changed clothes and joined the two of them. The three of us are sitting and chatting. All the doors and windows are open, to get air moving. It's hot and sticky inside. Moshuh is sitting beween Darlene & I.

Here comes the cat with something in his mouth. Darlene points at the cat and asks what he has. Sams says, "It's a mouse."

We realise the creature isn't dead. Mr. kitty is tking the mouse toward his bowl. I guess he wanted to eat his meal without making a mess? Anyway, the cat lets the mouse go and the furry thing takes off towards us.

Moshuh spots the mouse and he decides to go for the new chew toy. He chases the mouse, following it past us where the grey ball rocket with legs ducks under the couch. Jezzie takes the right side of the couch, which leads to the stairs, whereas Mohuh stays in the left. Mo is trying his best to squeeze under the couch, barking & wagging his tail. Jezzie is under the table, where he quickly spots his prey running towards the stairs.

Bingo! Cat gets his mouse again. During a struggle, the mouse miraculously gets away, only getting a few feet. Sam grabs a plastic container with a lid and traps the poor animal.

At this point, Jezzie sees the container with the mouse and follows SAm outside. Moshuh is still convinced the mouse is hiding. Sam takes pity on the mouse, letting it go out front, but the cat is is quick pursuit. We're preety sure it beat feet to a safe spot - and it probably won't go near the garden anymore.

What was I doing during this fiasco? Egging on the cat and laughing my ass off. Okay, not very pc, but it was one of the funniest sites I'd seen in a while. Last couple of days Jezzie has been in hunting mode.

Won't hurt the cat to lose another pound.

I've been thinking about getting a hamster and one of those clear balls to put it in. Enrichment for both of them...

you can stop dialing PETA, I spend enough money fieeding the three animals, why add a fourth?

Stay safe out there.

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