Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moshuh's day at Reno Waterfront & Fisherman's Parks

Today Moshuh and I checked out two different parks.

The first one we went to was the Reno waterfront area at downtown Reno. This riparian delight is set along the Truckee River. During the spring, summer and fall seasons the concrete walk-ways can be enjoyed by walkers, joggers, skate-boarders and bicyclists. During the winter, one can ice skate at a rink near by. Moshuh and I saw other dogs and their human companions spending a pleasant day in the sun. The City welcomes canines, provided they are leashed and the owners clean-up after their furry friends (doggie waste bags are even available).

The grassy areas are well-kept, with benches and plenty of shade trees. Parking is free. I saw a very nice tennis court and a children's playground as we wandered the grounds of a series of four City parks. A bridge over the Truckee River was decorated with colorful flower containers, a perfect photo spot. There is a drinking fountain. For those who wish to play in the water, a warning: the River can be deceptive. Currents can run faster than the river appears, and the water is cold. Always wear personal floatation devises (PFDs) and remember there are no lifeguards on duty.

The next park we visited was Fisherman's Park 1 (there are two sides to this park), a local fishing spot and concreted walk/jogging/biking path. This Park is patrolled by Nevada Dept Of Wildlife for fishing & wildlife violations, so if you fish, be sure to have your license on hand. The City maintains the park itself, and it is clean.

The downside to the little bit of wilderness is the presence of disheveled drifters. I saw three of them as we walked along the path, each had staked a claim to one of the scattered benches or tables. The only item missing from the homelesses' demesnes was a flag proclaiming spot place theirs. I certainly wouldn't go to the park by myself, or with a small dog. I felt okay with Moshuh (and my cell phone). I also was concerned about the five Hispanics just inside the entrance, either waiting for someone to come along and offer them day labor work or to buy drugs. There wasn't a bus entrance inside the park, so I have to call them as I see 'em.

The water was running slow on the surface, but as usual, the Truckee River likes to fool yo. Be careful. No lifeguard or payphone is available. A half-Gazebo offers limited shade, but this structure is falling into disrepair. Bring water if you plan on staying a while.

Have fun with your dog outside. This time of year is perfect for walks!

Be safe out there.

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