Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Summer We'll Want to Forget

We made it. Labor Day weekend is the official end of the summer boating season for Nevada. It doesn't mean folks won't stop going to the many lakes, reservoirs, and rivers this year, it just means we won't have the huge crowds. Our focus switches to hunting until next year's Memorial Day. Sure, the Game Wardens still patrol the waterways of Nevada - so don't think you can get away with violating water regulations...we'll still be watching you.

Why, then, do I say we made it?

Summers been an unusual one this year. First, Nevada had it's first ever Bear Hunt. If any of you kept up with the Bear Hunt progress in the local news, it wasn't without controversy.Advocates from both sides, the pros & cons, fought over the hunt up to the month of the opening date. In the end, a judge allowed it to happen. Nonetheless, during open meetings around the State, our Department staged Wardens for presence just in case protesters disrupted the sessions.

Reminded me of Berkeley's City Council meetings, only without the tie-dyed clad public in the audience.

Our Las Vegas Wardens have been working during one of the wettest Monsoon seasons in one hundred years. Bet you haven't heard that on the national news. Lake Mead actually rose 30 feet due to run-off and releases from other areas. It is unfortunate that folks enjoying the waters of Nevada don't always use common sense before taking their families out on the lakes. We lost count of how many boats had to be towed in for various reasons. And please, hasn't anyone told folks DON'T GO OUT ON THE WATER DURING A THUNDERSTORM?

The headset issue at work blew up. Techs insist radio problems are headset issues, yet we say eight different headsets at all consoles can't be problem. The lines been drawn in the sand. An ongoing problem is probably hardware glitch. Oh well, someday...I'm just a peon; I come in do my ten and go home.

Looks like we'll finally get one of our open positions filled in the near future. Interviews were completed this last week. Who will be the lucky winner? We're hoping the person gets started before the bad weather kicks in.

It will be nice to actually be able to take some time off. The three of us all need a vacation! There is a RenFair coming up next month I want to attend - and that means new photos and toys. I've wanted an axe for my collection and I need to replace one of my small knights (it fell off the stairs and broke).

Stay safe out there.

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