Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another long night....and I wish I had Perky back

It is true, the longer you stare at the clock, the slower time moves. It;s worse when you're on overtime. I think that stupid clock goes backwards instead of forward.

I was scheduled for 0800-1800 today. Yeah, I knew that wouldn't happen. The display on the radio says it is 2039 hours. I have to be up early for my shift tomorrow. The phones are always busy on Monday. I have to try an be cheery when I come in.

Anyone who has been around me for any length of time knows Di doesn't do perky. My family even foud me a red sweatshirt with a picture of Lucy saying that in a little balloon over her head. No, not the red-haired Lucy, the Charlie Brown nemesis Lucy. My guys thought it was hysterical. I tried to throw the stupid thing out, but they kept retrieving it and putting the sweatshirt back in the closet. Took me a few years before I gave it to Goodwill. Now, some other lucky person gets to wer the red sweatshirt...funny, I kinda wish I had the Perky Lucy  it back.

Back on target again.

I was almost clear when an in progress call came through. Isighed, as I do, and went with it. Called the hubby. The radio's not playing rock any longer. The station is doing an interview with some guy I've never heard of and playing 50's music. WTF? This is a hard rock station!

This crap is going to put me to sleep.

I'm by myself. No one to talk to. We can't stream live music over the internet. There's nothing on the ten local broadcast channels.

I've finished my next real post, but I have to load it from my computer at home (it's a good one) and I'm almost done with a second one.

Ah, the pitfalls of the job. I should be relieved by 2100. Nothing like a 13 hour day.

Stay safe out there and watch out for that Sharksmobile on the streets of Reno...

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