Thursday, November 10, 2011

The other side of the ice rink can be as sweet: ex-San Jose Sharks players still playing.

Are you xurious about Sharks players who sign with other teams when they become free-agents or are traded? I am. Of course, we all have our favorite playerr, and many of us do continue to follow the careers of those men long after they wear another team sweater. As long as Nabby plays any team other than the Sharks, I'll cheer loudly for him to get that "W" but sorry Nabby - play San Jose and my loyalty is with the men in teal.

Just how many former Sharks-signed players are still lacing up thier skates? According to the official San Jose Sharks website, 41 players currently are ex-San Jose Sharks still playing in the NHL for other teams. Of the players, 15 are defensemen, nine are right wingers, eight are left wingers, six play center position, and three are goalies. The positions counted are the players primary positions, many players (except goalies) can switch to different positions on the ice as needs change.

Twenty-seven of the former Sharks are from Canada (no surprise there), six hail from the USA, four are from Germany, Finland proudly claims two players, and three countries lay claim to one player each: Slovakia, Sweden, and Czechoslovakia.  Contrast this to the current roster (now counting the players in the minor league teams) of the San Jose Sharks. Sixteen players hail from Canada, four are from the good ‘ol USA, two are from Finland, and three different countries lay claim to one player each: Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, and Germany.

Anaheim has two players (Bell and Selanne). Buffalo has two players (Boyes, Erhoff), Calgary has two players (Hannan, Kiprusoff), Carolina has two players (Boucher, Joslin), Chicago has one player (Mayers), Colorado has one player (Rissmuller), Dallas has one player (Lukowich), Detroit has two players (Stuart, White), Edmonton has two players (Eager, Sutton), Florida has three players (Bradley, Goc, Sturm), Minnesota has four players (Heatley, Ortmeyer, Setoguchi, Staubitz), Montreal has four players (Callahan, Darche, Gorges, Moen), New Jersey has three players (Leach, Wiseman, Zaleweski), New York Islanders has one player (Nabakov), Ottawa has two players (Carkner, Michalek), Philadelphia has two players (Carle, Shelley), Phoenix has one player (Whitney), St Louis has three players (Cheecho, Huskins, Nichol), Vancouver has one player (Malhotra), and Winnipeg has one player (Wellwood).

I apologize if I left anyone out.  The information was current as of November 9th, 2011.

Some fun stats (garnered from the NHL stats as of November 10th, 0938 (Pacific Time). San Jose had two of the top fifty goal scorers: Pavelski in #6 with 9 goals and Couture in # 32 with 6 goals. In the assists category, Joe Thornton ranks #25 with 9 points, Pavelski # 34 with 8 assists, and Patrick Marleau at #40 with 8 assists. In the total points category, Joe Pavelski stands at position # 10 with 17 points and Joe Thornton at position 41 with 13 points. In the penalty minutes top fifty list, only one Shark makes the list, Andrew Desjardins, at #50 with 21 minutes. In the Plus/minus category, Doug Murray is ranked #5 at a plus 10, Joe Pavelski # 27 at a plus 7, and Patrick Marleau is # 46 as a plus 6.

Moving to the goalies, Thomas Greiss has a goals against of 1.99, ranking him at *8 on the list with Niemi at spot #35 with a goals against of 2.96. In the save percentage, in the save percentage, Greiss ranks #13 with his .928 while Niemi comes in at #35 with his .898. Niemi has 5 wins compared to Greiss’ 3 (each goaltender shares the wins number with other goalies, in alphabetical order, so ranking in this category is meaningless at this stage of the season).

Active NHL players who are former members of the San Jose Sharks
(per the official site of the San Jose Sharks)

Bell, Mark*                          Anaheim Ducks
Boucher, Brian                  Carolina Hurricanes
Boyes, Brad                        Buffalo Sabres
Bradley, Matt                    Florida Panthers
Callahan, Joe*                   Montreal Canadiens
Campbell, Brian                                Florida Lightning
Carkner, Matt                    Ottawa Senators
Carle, Matt                         Philadelphia Flyers
Cheecho, Jonathan*      St Louis Blues
Darche, Mathieu              Montreal Canadiens
Eager, Ben                          Edmonton Oilers
Erhoff, Christian               Buffalo Sabres
Goc, Marcel                        Florida Panthers
Gorges, Josh                      Montreal Canadiens
Hannan, Scott                    Calgary Flames
Heatley, Dany                    Minnesota Wild
Huskins, Kent                    St. Louis Blues
Joslin, Derek                      Carolina Hurricanes
Kiprusof, Miikka               Calgary Flames
Leach, Jay*                         New Jersey Devils
Lukowich, Brad*               Dallas Stars
Malhotra, Manny             Vancouver Canucks
Mayers, Jamal                   Chicago Blackhawks
Michalek, Milan                                Ottawa Senators
Moen, Travis                      Montreal Canadiens
Nabokov, Evgeni              New York Islanders
Nichol, Scott                       St Louis Blues    
Ortmeyer, Jed*                                Minnesota Wild
Rissmuller, Patrick*         Colorado Avalanche       
Selanne, Teemu                               Anaheim Ducks
Setoguchi, Devin              Minnesota Wild
Shelley, Jody                      Philadelphia Flyers
Staubitz, Brad                    Minnesota Wild
Stuart, Brad                        Detroit Red Wings
Sturm, Marco                    Florida Panthers
Sutton, Andy                     Edmonton Oilers
Wellwood, Kyle                                Winnipeg Jets
White, Ian                           Detroit Red Wings
Whitney, Ray                     Phoenix Coyotes
Wiseman, Chad                *             New Jersey Devils
Zaleweski, Steven*         New Jersey Devils

*currently in minor league

Tonight San Jose plays the Minnesota Wild at 7:30 hours. Should be a fun game to watch, or listen to (via KFOX Sharks radio 98.5 / 102.1 FM via the Sharks website). I listen to the radio and watch the live blog comments via my twitter account.

Go Sharks!!!

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