Monday, January 30, 2012

After the NHL All-Star Break - back to business

The NHL All-Stars have left the building. The social network sites have taken a breather - those boys of winter had busy fingers while waiting their turns on the ice, didn't they? For those who chose NOT to watch the events, there was a little controversy. First, not all teams had a representative in Ottawa. I do have a problem with that. Instead of a couple of teams having three players at the event, EVERY team should first have one player, only then should extra players from teams get selected.

Remember when each team had their own mini-trials, just to practice? But then, that was before the fans picked the players and it became a popularity contest.

I can't really say that I had a favorite event during the skills competition. i would have liked to see Pattie Marleau go against the fastest skaters. Us Sharks fans know how quickly he can pour on the sped on breakaways - and so do the other teams! I had to laugh at the two goalies racing , but they looked like they had a good time.The Breakaway shootout was fun to watch, with both goalies and shooters putting on fancy moves. The stater was without a doubt, Chicago Blackhawk's Patrick Cane, who on this third attempt, donned a "Superman-like" red cape and Clark Kent glasses, with a little help from team mate Marion Hossa. Kane stopped short of the goal, dropped to his belly, and nudged the puck past st. Louis blues goalie, Elliott.

Our own San Jose Sharks player, Logan Couture, who patiently watched every other player get selected, leaving him as the last man standing (and winning the car), had his ode to Ottawa waiting. Before heading out for his third attempt, he changed out sweaters, putting on his Ottawa 67 sweater. This time he made his goal. The hardest shot again went to Zdeno Chara, at an astounding 108.9 mph. Yowza, I feel sympathy for any goalies facing those monster slapshots! We all watched in awe of Datsyuk's skill as he skated tight circles round the cones, and what about Corey perry's puck handling - keeping the biscuit on his stick as he held his stick up high? Wow.

The MVP of the All-Star game was Marion Gaborik of the New York Rangers, the final tally of Team Chara 12-9. A real nightmare for goalies, no chances at a shut-out in any period.

January 31 is our Sharks final game. they are at home against the Columbus Blue Jackets, a team they have been successful against this year.

So far, for this month the stat leaders are as follows:

Goals:                             Couture (21)
Assists:                           Thornton (30)
Points:                            Thornton 38)
Hits:                               McGinn (29)
Penalties                         Winchester (71)
Short handed goals         Couture (2)
Game winning goals        Marleau (5)
power play goals             Couture (5)    
Shots                              Boyle (157)
+ / -                               Vlasic ( +17)

Wednesday I will post the final January stats and the winners of the honorary awards.

Go Sharks, beat the Blue Jackets!!!

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