Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saving Walter Mitty

Today was the first day back to work for one of my co-workers after a moderate absence. I can't say what's it is like for anyone else, but for me, I almost need a vacation from a vacation. The first shift back, especially after an extended break is tough. First thing one has to do is go through the mail box and see what appears have been shoved in to the small plastic cubby. The longer then break, the bigger the pile. Next, the emails. My goodness, those stupid emails stack up (last vacation I took I had 127 waiting). Take away the junk emails (yes, we get those at work, too) and the superfluous & redundant duplicates, and one's still left over with enough reading material to fill up a Tolstoy sequel. You know the list is long when the first email is from the IT Department warning you that your email box is full (and so is the next five emails). 

Anyhow, Casey is mumbling and groannig (a bit) about how nothing has changed since he went back to work - all good natured of course. It's a Sunday, and the activity isn't too crazy. We're bantering back & forth, between radio traffic & phone calls (I want to make it sound busy in case the boss is reading this). Man, the CAD system is keeping us on our toes...see, Kahuna, we're trying!

And still the emails keep coming....along with the warnings from IT.

Didn't they get the automatic response warning them that person in question is on leave? So why does IT keep sending the warnings?

I'm supportive. It's the polite thing to do. He kept busy dealing with his leave issues. Then we discuss the new CAD system. I'll leave this topic alone. We get around to department news, the new trainee (seems like a decent guy), and choices for a new shift bid.

The vessel stops are picking up.Hey guys - do you REALLY have to run EVERYONE on the boat, including the twelve year old? Wait, don't leave yet, I think you forgot to check Gramma in the cabin. I'm sure she has a warrnat back from 1913. While you're at it, maybe the dog's license is expired.

I know they are only doing their job. Street cops were the same way (sigh). They'd chase a person like a dog chases rabbits, at 0330 hours, in the dark, in an alley, in the least patrolled part of town without knowing which street they jumped out of their patrol car at. Then theyjumped over a fence in to a back yard, with no lights, and ask for a cover unit.

Uh huh....yup - gotcha backup comming - It'll just take a bit for my Super Secret Satellite-Radar Activated Crystal Ball to tell me where you're at. Be just a minute...but hey, we're DISPATCHERS and we are SUPER HEROES. Sure, we find them and get cover to the right place just in the nick of time. And who gets the pat on the back?

The cover unit!

after so many years, why does my partner in radio feel like Walter Mitty???

With the basics over, we can get to the enjoyable topics. He's a football & car racing fan. You all know my favorites. I showed him the scathing statement from the San Jose Sharks owners (see below).

He laughed while I am STRESSING over which player will not be in teal come September.

Seriously. This is a big deal and he just shakes his head, and goes back to his emails. Dastardly man he is.

We're both movie geeks, and often use lines from TV or movies to get points across. You know how that is (Dammit Jim, I'm a dispatcher, not IT guy or Dave, why are you entering so many commands, I'm going to crash now). The two of use can always find a movie reference as a pun for an incident. An unusual incident will keep us going at it for a while. The rest will either laugh or ignore us.

Wait, the vessel I just ran came up stolen, from 2004 ?...this one is gonna take a while. The insurance company paid this one off a long time ago.

We recommend films to one another. I suggested he see "Fan Boys" , "Paul",and "Easy A". I love Sci/Fi, fantasy, and off beat indie films. I also suggested he see "Sunshine Cleaners". Casey is bringing me "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" to watch when he comes to work tomorrow  and I'm giving him Fan Boys in exchange.

Well, we broke off to discuss garage sales, because my husband found an old photo of Errol Flynn in a scene from "Elizabeth & Essex", which is one of my favorite Flynn films. We started joking around about finds and how they relate. I called him a Charlie Brown kind of guy after he talked about his time off and how he watched for sales. I pointed out how he has rocks at his dispatch station. Seriously - friends go places and bring him back rocks. He doesn't ask for rocks, and doesn't really collect them. All he needs is a paper bag for Halloween, and a striped T-shirt. There you are: Charlie Brown. He says he's more the Mitty type. That's the reason for the title. He told me about items he thought I'd like.


Question: how many teletypes does it take to confirm a stolen boat from within the same state? The answer to follow....

I like medieval weaponry, English china, hockey memorabilia, and certain antique books. My husband grits his teeth every time I buy another book as it is. Weapons - well, it depends on what it is I buy.

Is Casey a half-full or half-empty type of guy? It all depends upon what day it is and what the activity level is. Charlie Brown is that way. He disagreed and swears to the Walter Mitty type of guy. Really? Mitty dies in his fantasies. PersonalIy, think it's time for him to build a better pedestal.

Hey, if Casey wants to be Walter Mitty, all the power to him. Be a surgeon, an ace pilot, or that psycho killer. If it floats your boat (just make sure to wear your PFD), why not?

Me? I think I'll aim in a different direction...but, I'm not telling right now. You'll just have to wait until another time.

Answer to the teletype number: three

directly from the San Jose Sharks website


"The on-ice results of our team this season are not acceptable to our fans, our organization or our ownership group. We will not lower our expectation that every San Jose Sharks team we put on the ice is capable of winning the Stanley Cup. Despite the fact that our team has experienced a tremendous amount of success over the past eight seasons, we are not satisfied with those results and neither is Doug. The ownership group has confidence that Doug will make the necessary changes to ensure our club remains among the NHL’s elite franchises.”

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