Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moshuh's Adventure's: Rock Park

Reno has settled in to a mild weather pattern, and with blue skies and temperature's in the low to mid 80's, Moshuh and I set out for another exploration. Today it was Rock Park.

Rock Park is beautifully maintained. The grass is mowed, with almost no scattered trash or signs of the homeless living there as we found at other parks in the city or county. Parking was easy as was the access. The grounds has picnic tables and a large playground with play equipment for the kids. A sign says to be cautious of the rapids and there is beach access. Be advised, there are no lifeguards present, so using the water of the Truckee River is at your own risk.

A concrete path meanders along the river. While we were there, I saw the path in use by bikers, skaters, joggers, and other folks out with their canine companions. A couple of large gazebos are available for groups: one was being used for what appeared to be a family BBQ.

If you enjoy bird-watching, you'll like Rock Park. Besides the normal waterfowl, there are plenty of song birds present.

Moshuh and I spent a leisurely morning walking along the river. I let him dictate the pace on a long lead line. There's nothing like seeing a dog smile as he watches activity. Moshuh is a people watcher. Due to his advanced age, I make him take breaks in the shade. He whines, wanting to keep moving. His mind is willing & young but his body just can't keep up. Once he let me know he was ready to leave, he turned back to the car. This is a park we will visit again.

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