Monday, October 29, 2012

Still No Hockey

I'm going crazy! Only three days left in October and still the NHL and the NHLPA are deadlocked. I have an idea, lets have all of the mascots gather up the owners, the NHLPA negotiators, and the NHL representatives and lock them in a room without any windows, TV, radio, or bathrooms. The mascots should confiscate their cell phones, I-Pads, laptops, and any other electronic devices. The involved parties get two escorted bathroom breaks in a twenty-four hour period.

The only entertainment, besides one another, is a continuous live performance of Pauly Shore & Carrothead. Once a day, the Capitol One Barbarians will rush in and pelt them with overripe tomatoes.

This will go on until an agreement is reached.

Did one watch the SF Giants win the World Series? What an awesome performance! After the second game, the Detroit Tigers looked beat. You could see it on their faces. Still, making it to the World Series is an accomplishment.

If we have a hockey season, I hope San Jose pays attention the the Giant's run. Heart, grit, and a will to win at any cost. That is what took the San Francisco Giants all of the way.

Come on guys, get your collective heads out of your collective butts and work out your differences. The NHL made some wonderful strides in the last couple of years. A lost season will kill this sport. Fans have only a small amount of disposable income to spend. Remember when baseball had it's last lock-out? It took years for the fans to return. In the Bay area, fans have three other major leagues to choose from. sure, Sharks fans are the best in the league, but right now the grumblings are growing; and, its the same across the country.

While I'm on the topic, let's make a few minor changes. One of the two teams playing in the Winter Classic should be the Stanley Cup winner. The other team should be rotated so that, EVERY club has the chance to play outside on New Year's Day. I want to see MY team, as does every other fan.

Are you hearing me Bettman?

Signed, RenoSharks01

stay safe out there

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