Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Teddy's friend: the history of the Teddy Bear

Tiday's post is by a friend of mine, Mariposa Cruz. She is writing about the history of the teddy bear. I'm sure you'll find it as fascinating as I did. Be sure to check out her blog and her newest book, "Roar".

On the afternoon of November 14, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt set out on a hunt in Mississippi that ultimately resulted in a toy loved by children.   Despite the good intentions of the hunt organizers not a bear was to be found. 
Like many legends, though the details vary the story endures. One of the more popular accounts states that the hunters found a small bear cub separated from its mother.  Other accounts indicate the bear was 230 lb mature adult, but old and injured.  The President considered it unsportsmanlike and refused to shoot the bear. Three Associated Press journalists who were covering the hunt posted stories about the incident.

Captioned “Drawing The Line in Mississippi” Clifford Berryman’s political cartoon depicted T.R. refusing to shoot a bound Black bear cub.  Like the size of T.R.’s bear, there are varied interpretations of the cartoon’s meaning.  Some have interpreted the cartoon reflection of Roosevelt’s compassion toward animals others view it as his strong support of civil rights.
An enterprising Russian immigrant, Morris Michtom created a soft stuffed bear and displayed it in the window of his Brooklyn candy shop, with Berryman’s cartoon and a sign “Teddy’s Bear”.  At the end of the day, not only had the bear sold, but Michtom had orders for a dozen more bears.  Though pleased with toy’s success, Michtom realized he should obtain the President’s permission before selling a toy under his name. 
Michtom mailed a toy bear to the White House and anxiously waited for a reply.
The President responded with a brief note in his own handwriting:
 “Dear Mr. Michtom, I don’t think my name is likely to be worth much in the toy bear business, but you are welcome to use it.”
With the success of the Teddy Bear, Michtom gave up the candy business to establish the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company in 1907.  While certain of the specific details surrounding the Teddy Bear’s origin have become blurred over time there is no doubt the beloved bear will be a favorite for future generations.
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