Saturday, March 9, 2013

A hodge podge of Common Sense

Let me start out by saying to those who don't like Fox News by saying, there's media I don't care for either, but I still check them out. It's a good idea to know what all sides are saying to get the bigger picture.

A reporter was out on the street of New York asking pedestrians if they heard about the 'new Pope' yet. Some actually answered yes. A few replied the new Pope was Jewish or Muslim (really???). Others were asked if they knew what a conclave was (they didn't). Now, I'm not that stupid. Of course, the reporter only showed a few clips of the dumbest responses. I know some intelligent folks answered appropriately. Still, a Muslim pope. Didn't that moron ever hear of the Crusades in school: you know - the series of wars started by the Pope (Catholic Church) against the Muslims?

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty."  Benjamin Franklin

An email has been making it's way around the Internet that refers to the last Presidential election. This particular email go on about areas of the country where President Obama supposedly received 100% (or more) votes. Now, without actually seeing the results for myself, I can't say if this happened or not. Mathematically, it would be impossible for any one candidate to get EVERY single vote. Just wouldn't happen. There is no way each person in a state, or even a district would all agree to vote for a single candidate. Common sense tells me IF this happened, there would have to had been some funny business, but as I said, without seeing the data firsthand, it's difficult to verify.

When I bought a house in Las Vegas, one of the steps was reading and signing forms acknowledging there was an airport and gambling in the county. When I asked why we had to do this, the mortgage broker said at some point, someone had bought a home and actually tried to sue for some ungodly amount when they 'discovered' an airport. Come on ... I guess those big silver birds in the sky didn't give that homeowner a clue? Alright, maybe they lived out in the outskirts of the city. The one I really had a difficult time with was the casinos.

Those one arm bandits are everywhere. You just can't go anywhere without running in to slot machines in Las Vegas. First, there's the ever-expanding strip. next, grocery stores and gas stations have slots. Let's not forget the off-the-strip, smaller casinos. Finally, the bars and strip joints. You didn't know about gambling in Las Vegas? What, were you blind? How frigging stupid could that person have been to NOT see the sign the moment they passed the border of Nevada proclaiming a casino at the next exit?

Give me a break.

What other things are out there? Hmm...folks upset about wild animals living in their back yard (after moving to a rural area). Who was there first? The hysteria over guns won't stop innocent people from being killed. Criminals won't obey any laws passed. The banned guns will still be out there. Let's make a law requiring gun owners to be held responsible for their guns, instead. If your weapon is taken by a family member and used to kill some kids because it wasn't locked up or didn't have a trigger lock on it, then you have to deal with the consequences.

Congress and our President need to be accountable to us, the American People. They work for us. If I didn't do my job, I can be held accountable, be reprimanded, be subject to disciplinary, and possibly be terminated. I have projects to do, expectations to perform on the radio and telephones. I can't refuse to talk to a field unit over the radio, take a telephone call, run a vehicle / vessel /or person on request of an officer, or train a new person. It's part of my job.

So why can my legislators refuse to take a vote on a bill, take my phone call or put together a budget? Can't We the People call on them to be docked pay or be suspended for failure to perform their stated duties? I wouldn't be kept on if I failed to perform my job. Why is it okay for them and not me? Not one of those people in Washington D.C. are any better than any one of us.

Where has the common sense gone in this world?

How would the Founding Fathers look upon the government leaders of today? What would they say about the 'common folk'?

Thomas Jefferson was a very wise man. He wrote:

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

Stay safe out there.

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