Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government shut down: Fine them all!!

It's rant time.

We're sitting at home, waiting for the turkey breast to cook (it's not just for Thanksgiving), and the issue of the Affordable Care Act came up. Now, anyone who has ever met my husband knows that he is a no-nonsense type of guy. I'm rather opinionated myself (ya think?).

This bickering and back-biting between the elected officials in Washington has to stop. What a waste.

If either of us showed up at work, sat around doing a whole lot of nothing and still expected to get paid, we would be taken to a clinic for a urine test. Only idiots on drugs or drunk could think it's okay to hang around at work, twiddle their thumbs and still get paid. Really: as far as I can see the Washington fat cats are a bunch of over-paid, bloviating, manikins wasting a whole lot of time to get nothing accomplished other than point fingers, call one another names, and say it the other's fault.

Excuse me, but did we elect five year olds or adults? Harry Reid shut down his office. I can't even call him and leave a message! Seriously Mr. Reid? I can't refuse to take a call or radio traffic at work. How can you refuse my input? I'm a member of the State of Nevada.

If I don't do the job I was hired to perform, I could be written up, suspended with or without pay (depended upon the step discipline level) and finally terminated. I feel neglected, rejected, and worked over. In Public Safety I have been called more names than I can ever note here (and many I can't write down), but I have to remain polite and keep doing my job.

We would love to see a Congressman with the guts to put forth the following proposition (once they manage to get back to work):

In event this shutdown of the Federal Government ever happens again, for every day the government is at a standstill, every Senator and every Representative will forfeit 5% (five percent) of their salary PER DAY until the government standstill is resolved. The monies will be automatically deducted from their accounts and refunded to the taxpayers in an equal split.

I'll take a dollar from Harry Reid.

Our Senators and Representatives need to get their collective heads out of their external anal entrances and do the job we pay them to do. If not, then we need to vote them out: ALL of them.

Agree with me? Pass this on!

Stay safe out there!

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