Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Watched any new 'historical 'series lately?

I have been one to follow any particular television show, mostly die to the fact that the majority of the programs are just too average for my taste. There have a been a few here and there: the original Beauty and the Beast; Forever Knight;  Key West (a darn shame it didn't last); Kolchek - the Night Stalker; Emergency!; Seaquest (before they added aliens); and The Tudors. Now I am following  three: Game of Thrones; Once Upon a Time; Reign; and, in January a new series: Outlander.

HBO's series Game of Thrones completed the third season this year, and did not disappoint me. George R.R. Martin's epic medieval quest about men and women scheming to be the King (or Queen) is full of back-stabbing relatives & brown-nosing nobility. One never knows which side the nobility stands on in the battle for the ultimate prize. The Stark family, once the trusted allies to King Robert Baratheon are now spread through-out the land with Eddard 'Ned" Stark and his eldest son, Rob, dead by treachery. Robert is dead, the children of his Queen, Cersei, rumored to be sired by her own twin brother, Jaime. Across the ocean, Daenerys Targaryen gathers an army and allies with her dragons in order to journey back to Westeros and re-take the throne that the Baratheons stole from her family. HBO has outdone themselves when it comes to the details for the series. The producers even hired a linguistics expert to help with the language for the Dothraki. The costumes look great and scenery is top notch. The 'Red Wedding' episode had the build-up and ending I expected from reading the book. Here's to next season, and more GoT madness!

ABC's Once Upon a Time just began its third season. This season starts where the previous ended, with Henry kidnapped by Peter Pan. Henry is trapped in Never-Never Land. Regina, Mr. Gold, David, Mary-Margaret, and Emma must work together to rescue Henry - with little help from Captain Hook. With this group, that's easier said then done. Henry has faith in his family, but the adults have a lot of issues to work out before they can find Henry, much less bring him home.

A new show, Reign is on the CW network. It tells the story of Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland. The story begins with young Mary arriving at the French Court as a young woman. Her own mother, Mary of Guise holds the Scots throne as Regent. Mary herself, is betrothed to Francis, the Dauphin (heir) to the French throne. Mary wants to be an active Queen, and resists being told what to do. To complicate matters, Queen Catherine is getting advice from Nostradamus. He tells Catherine if Francis marries the Scots Queen, the prince will die young. Momma is not very pleased with the prophecy and interferes with the couple in her underhanded way. The series has a beautiful setting, and nice costumes, but the music is a little loud at times making it difficult to hear the dialogue.

In January, Starz is set to air the series "Outlander", based upon Diana Gabaldon's book of the same name. If you have read the book (and the other novels in the series) you have probably heard the news, if not, now you know. Outlander is a time-travel that begins in 1942. Nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall takes a trip with her husband to the Highlands, in Scotland. While there, Claire is caught in a spell and sent back to the mid-18th century. Through a series of misadventures, she ends up married to Jamie Frasier. Claire and Jamie do fall in love. Jamie promises to help Claire find a way back to her real time, even knowing he loves her. Claire experiences history first-hand as they must stay one step ahead of British soldiers and vengeful ex-lovers. Diana Gabaldon had this to say about the book:

"What I used to say to people who saw me sitting outside a store with a pile of books and asked (reasonably enough), “What sort of book is this?”, was, “I tell you what. Pick it up, open it anywhere, and read three pages.  If you can put it down again, I’ll pay you a dollar.” I’ve never lost any money on that bet."

If this keeps up, I may have to buy a DVR. Thank goodness Netflix is adding more television shows to the choices. Guess I'll be catching up on shows when I take vacation next month - that, and finishing the dispatcher book. Two chapters left!!!

Still looking for a couple of photos of dispatch centers to include. Anyone willing to send me some?

here are links to each shows official sites:

enjoy watching the shows and stay safe out there!

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