Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update on Dispatching book and the Olympics

For those of you who have sent information and/or photos. It's done...more or less. The writing took longer than I anticipated, but I it's worth the wait. I've selected  couple of test readers.

I still hope to go the traditional publication route but with the economy, many publishers have tightened down what they are accepting but I'll self-publish if I need to.


The Sochi Olympics starts in a few weeks. A couple of San Jose Sharks players will be in Russia to play for their countries: Joe Pavelski (USA), Antti Niemi (Finland), Patrick Marleau (Canada), and Marc-Edouard Vlasic (Canada). As a San Jose Sharks fan, I feel that Joe Thornton was slighted in not being picked for Team Canada. He is a playmaker and top's the 'Assist's category in the NHL. Joe deserves the chance to play for his country. I know it's a tough decision picking the men to be on the team: so many excellent players to pick from.

Who will win? I want the USA (of course!!). Canada has a fantastic team. The Czech republic and Sweden have strong teams and the home boys are no slouches. It should be fun to watch in any case.

link to Olympic rosters

stay safe out there

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