Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Hockey - Go USA

I have confession to make: I'm an Olympic junkie. I love the Olympics. Sure, I watch all of the sporting events, but when it comes to the Winter Games, ice hockey is my favorite event. Naturally, I have to cheer on Team USA. Joe Pavelski, from the San Jose Sharks, is on the USA squad, and has done a great job representing the red, white & blue. For our neighbor to the north, my favorite NHL player, Patrick Marleau, along with team-mate Marc-Edouard Vlasic, from San Jose have been doing their country proud. I have yet to see Shark's goalie, Antti Niemi suit up for Team Finland.

fan video about USA Hockey team

I have no doubt that Team USA will make it to the gold medal game. The guys have been playing some of the best hockey of the Games. They will play Canada in a semi-final game on Friday while Finland takes on Sweden. The winners will go for gold/silver and he losers for the bronze. Odds are San Jose Players will bring home medals - the question is what color?

In the new ski sport, half-pipe, Nevada Reno local David Wise brought home the gold. How cool is that?

I hope our USA Women's team wins their game and brings home the gold. I was impressed by the Japanese team. Those ladies improved with each game they played and by all rights, each game against the Russian team should have ended 2-2, going to overtime. The problem being that the goal judges couldn't get the referee's attention to have a play reviewed when the puck obviously crossed over the line. Would the Russian team have still won each of the two games? Who knows. It's ironic that the Russians didn't protest those missed calls, huh? I did like the Japanese ladies bowing as part of their goal celebration. A nice, unique, touch and very classy. I'm sure they will be back - providing the Olympic committee decides to bring the ladies back to Seoul. I hope they do.

I was glad we won the pairs ice-dancing. Didn't Charlie & Meryl look so happy? And, did anyone watch that Jamaican bobsled song floating around?

watch the video here:

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stay safe out there!!

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