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The countries of Thaelia's World: Greycliff

In my fantasy novels, Thaelia's World, many of the countries resemble those of our modern world. Greycliff is similar to England. Grecyliff borders Cusbergh to the north, Barera to the north-west, and Phaelyng on the south. All four countries are formed to one large island and a handful of smaller ones. The Shark's Pass Sea sits between Greycliff and the mainland with the Southern Sea on the eastern edges.


Greycliff is ruled by King Arken. His late wife, Reidun, succumbed to childbed fever after giving birth to their second child, Prince Kyrold. It's primary commodities are wool, wheat, apples and berries. Lumber, dairy products, and beef are also produced. The forests are full of game including deer, trihorn (an antelope-like deer), bear, wolves, furbearing mammals (beaver, mink, weasels) and a feline predator called a forest cat (a large bobcat-like cat with stripes and saber-teeth).

The north part of the country is full of high mountains, thick forests, and picturesque lakes. The capitol city is Foxwarre. King Arken maintains a second palace at Karivane. Alline is one of the principle port cities.

north half of Greycliff

south part of Greycliff

On the map, I have entered numbers to reflect some of the major cities and landmarks. they are listed below.

1-Foxwarre.....the Capitol City
4-Alline....port city
5-Visant...home of Rosamund, true love of King Arken
6-Karivane....royal keep and second home of King Arken
7-Rosevyne....starting point for the Phaelynng campaign
8-Saebledon....future home of Sir Ranulf
9-Nareska....deeded to Gaelynn's daughter, Lady Amelia by her father
10-Steve Creek Forest....near the Phaelyng border
11-Hedgewood....a Faucione holding
12-Orgyt....home to the Corbeau family
13-Faucione....home to Sir Braeden
14-Havelwood....Sir Oswald's family home
16-Jorwyck....Faucione holding of annual horse fair
19-Terisol....deeded to Christopher du Faucione
20-Wilwich....Gaelynn's dower holding
22-Wymerth....home of Owen, trainer of the King's knights
23-Soldier's End....a home to retired knights and soldiers
25-Fernaces....a favorite haunt of King Arken
27-Dianeld....home to Lady Bethlay
28-Jedry....port city
30-Boreringvalle home of Sir Peter
32-Gryphonhill....deeded to Lady Amelia by her father
33-Inyarte....home of Reidun's sister, Marnya
34-Swarthkithbury....garrison established after Phaelyng campaign
35-Valiadien....deeded to Rosamund by King Arken
36-Blue Eagle Forest....surrounds Faucione and Stagshead Village
37-Deer Creek...between Greycliff and Phaelyng by Orgyt Castle
38-Foxwood Forest
39-Gray Mountain
40-Sunderling....vassals to Faucione

Stay tuned for future maps of other countries from my books

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