Friday, August 7, 2015

The Countries of Thaelia's World: Phaelyng

On the southern border of Greycliff is the country of Phaelyng. This small nation is chock full of fierce warriors, rocky mountains, and lush forests. The land is larger than modern day Wales. When Gaelynn arrived in Greycliff, King Domhnall sat on the throne. He oversees a loose group of Princes and nobles. The major trade goods produced include lumber and seafood. The royal standard is a white gryphon on a red field.


Some major cities and landmarks are as follows:

1-Iskarnay is the Capitol of Phaelyng
2-Angleysey is the landing site for Arken's Phaelyng campaign
3-Daegryn is part of the Phaelyng campaign
4-Bay of Daegryn
5-Leiyr Island
6-Ula's Cove - important fishing village taken by Arken's navy
7-Eyfroine is a battle site where Ranulf takes the King's Banner to rally Greycliff troops
10-Gull Island
13-Bear Paw Forest
14-Gwezzline is where Arken established a garrison of soldiers after Phaelyng campaign
15-Centyri Valley borders Orgyt Castle in Greycliff
16-Isafryne was the site of King Hadrells' siege


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