Sunday, September 13, 2015

Balloons in Reno: 2015 Great Reno Balloon Races - at NDOW!!

Sunday morning I was getting ready for a typical start of shift. A couple of units out already and some calls to deal with. No big deal...right?

Surprise! I hear a hissing sound. Being the ever-curious dispatcher I am, I star looking around to see what is making the sound. I look outside and to my surprise, the sky is FULL of colorful balloons from the 2015 Great Reno Balloon Races.

Glad I have a wireless headset, I grab my camera and start taking photos. quickly I realize something isn't right. The behemoths are getting bigger AND lower. Sure enough, half a dozen start landing in the UNR Ag Fields behind dispatch. I am certain a couple more touched down in the grassy area next to us. At least one landed at a local casino parking lot and per the scanner, another on the street not far away.

Due to the fires burning across the border in California, the sky wasn't as blue as  would have liked. In fact, it was rather hazy. The morning was cool. Most of the balloons which landed in the field were deflated and hauled off by the ground crews.

Enjoy the photos.

Stay safe out there!