Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My crazy BFF

Coco is our third Chinese Shar-Pei. The first one, Pu, was a bear-coat. After he died we acquired Moshuh, a horse-coat. Coco is a brush-coat (bordering on a bear-coat).

Typical Moshuh look

 What is the difference? They are all the same breed, just variations in coat length. A horse coat is self-explanatory (picture a horse). A brush coat is longer, but never more than one inch in length. Both the horse and brush coat must be harsh to the touch - never soft! A bear coat can be any length, although the fur is soft. After hanging around breeders in a local club I discovered there are some other, not well-known, personality differences among the coats, as well.

Horse coats can be a little more on the nervous side. Brush coats are rambunctious. Bear coats are the mellow, couch-potatoes of the Shar-Pei world. Moshuh certainly was suspicious of strangers but loving towards his family. Pu was the kind of dog who tolerated just about anything. He'd wear costumes, sit for crazy pictures, go anywhere, and was easily taught tricks. silly a BUNDLE OF ENERGY. I don't know when she'll every outgrow her puppy phase. She is always up for a game of fetch and loves to run circles around the yard. She is a happy dog who loves attention. Even when she's at the vet's office for treatment, she's wagging her tail.

Coco with her 'let's play' look
Coco is like a toddler. If something is within reach, it goes in her mouth. Doesn't matter if the item is a stick, clothes, tools, or a piece of trash. I narrowly beat her to a piece of a pigeon's wing not too long ago (I suspect our cat, Dexter had something to do with that). Never did find the rest of the carcass...certainly keeps me busy. Just today, I was thinning out my tomato plants and turned my back for just a moment.

That was all it took. She was off with a plump tomato in her mouth. The game was on. I managed to retrieve the remains. Thankfully, she has left my pumpkin vine alone but my poor pepper plants have been all but decimated. So much for fresh bell peppers.

Some day she'll settle down. Until then, she keeps us going!

Stay safe out there!

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