Thursday, January 5, 2017

CALEXIT: a reality or a pipedream?

The loony liberals in California are at it again. A group of way-out there folks has actually filed a petition to put a measure on the 2018 ballot to start the process to have California succeed from the Union. Part of the group's process will be an appeal to the United Nations. They actually cite the election results as one of their reasons for the split. Give me a break!

Is this even feasible?

Let's start with the reality. A petition can't boot the Golden State from the United States of America. Only an act of Congress in the form of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution can do that.

Now, let's look at the ramifications of a break from the United States.
California is the sixth largest economy in the world. At first, that' sounds positive. right? With a budget bigger than most countries, the Bear Republic should be able to handle being on their own. WRONG! How much of the money is generated from tax revenues and how much comes from federal funding in the forms of grants, subsidies, and other forms of monies? Once California breaks away, that money source is gone. Where will the State get the money to pay for welfare programs and food stamps?

Here's some more things to think about: basic services rely on funding. Some of that funding is comes in the form of federal grants. So, departments will have to tighten their belts and cut wages & benefits to pay for services. No more fancy toys for police & fire. Expect other services (libraries, parks & recs) to severely cut back, too. Unions? They could become a thing of the past. Agencies won't be able to afford those expensive retirement packages.

Okay, here's another problem. California burns in the spring and summer. Where will the firefighting help come from? Let's remember that a large amount of personnel and equipment come from federal agencies. Same goes for disaster aid: sorry folks, FEMA is a U.S. agency. You'll have to rely on the International Red Cross.

It gets better. Want to go to Las Vegas, Reno, or visit family in another State? Get a passport. You're crossing the border. Better hope you don't have any warrants. What a mess coming home and dealing with ICE if you are on the 'no fly list'.

Now let's consider defense. The military leaves (including the Coast Guard & National Guard). California is vulnerable. All the military bases close and the personnel leave. The jobs associated with them dry up. More tax dollars lost. gets better. The cos of utilities and natural resources sky rocket. You think your gas and power are expensive now? Wait until the water quadruples. Most of California's water comes from out of state. Sure, agriculture and ranchers still produce goods but how long will they stay when the taxes are raised to help cover lost revenues? Same with shipping ports.

In the end, suppose the residents decide they've made a mistake and want to come back. Do you really think the U.S.A will allow California to return as a whole state? Instead, I predict the federal government will require California to break up into two or three parts.

Honestly, I doubt this will happen. Once the folks realize the consequences of a succession, they will drop this moronic idea. however, if they go through with it, the feds will have a lot of money available which, hopefully, can be used to help pay off the deficit.

Stay safe out there!

CA 2016=2017 Local Appropriation Budget:

News story on the proposed petition:

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