Saturday, July 13, 2019

The ever exploding fairy garden

Be carful, be forewarned! It is addictive. What am I talking about?

FAIRY GARDENING of course. It starts small with one little cottage and a couple of ting fairies. You stand and stare at it and think, "They look soooo lonely. One house is not enough. where are their friends? What about the fairy animals, the tables and chairs, pools, arches, swings, and before you know it: WHAM! You are hooked.

Entire catalogs and companies are dedicated to nothing but fairy gardens. There are even nurseries that specialize in miniature plants. Honestly, many of the same plants used in terrariums or bonsai are now being pointed towards fairy gardens.

I have my garden divided into three sections: a Halloween/Witch area, the fairy/medieval area, and the miscellaneous area that includes Vikings, Winnie-the-Pooh, and gnomes. The houses are an eclectic mix. The menagerie is expanding. I have a Pegasus, unicorns, a centaur, a treeman, and a miniature Chinese Shar-Pei dog along with the usual puppies, kittens birds, bunnies, and deer, (etc.). My fairy folk lounge, read, walk, fish, and ride critters. I have wishing wells, ponds, arches, tables, swings, slides, and signs.

The village is only limited by my budget.

The largest issue is keeping Coco and Dexter out of the garden. Coco thinks the pieces are new chew toys. Dexter likes to hide in the garden and knocks over things as he wanders through the villages.

I use miniature roses as trees in the garden bed and prefer Scotch Moss as a grass substitute. In the container gardens, I have various tiny trees (cypress and pines) as well as a tiny hosta.

Share your garden ideas. I'd love to hear about then.

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