Friday, September 4, 2020

Halloween and Ghostbusters fiasco

 We love Halloween. This week the costume and gadget supply stores opened up. For legal reason, I won't give the name, but it has a HUGE orange banner. We have been to both of them in town already.

The first day, we bought a couple of fun accessories. Sam drooled over the Ghostbuster section. He has a great idea for a costume but he decided to wait and think it over. None of the pieces were cheap.

Today we decided to go for it and went to the other superstore. He picked out the items for his costume while I grabbed my costume and a t-shirt that caught my fancy. The store had online coupons for 20% off one item, so I printed out two. We paid separately and each used a coupon: the cashier chuckled. He knew what we were doing but hey, the store didn't put any restrictions on us doing it.

When we made it home we unpacked the Ghostbuster official accessories. To our surprise, none of them , had any directions/instructions. We managed to figure out how to work the Night Goggles, PKE Meter, and the Walkie-Talkie. When it came to the Proton Pack, FORGET it!

Try to find a diagram on where to battery pack is. GOOD luck. We found it by trial and error after a fifteen minute search. There are multiple warning stickers on the pack but NOTHING on how to actually make the lights and sounds work. No explanation or instructions sheet is included. There is nothing on the box.  Go to the company website and again: zilch!

Sam called Corporate and was transferred around but finally spoke to a technical person. He was unable to find anything on his end...what does that say about a product when the Corporate Technical geeks can't figure things out? In fact, it took him a while to even locate the item! After talking to Sam, the guy started to worry about what else had been shipped out without any help sheets.

Makes one wonder.

We took it back to the store and explained what happened. They were very apologetic. The staff did go through a couple of others with the same result. The manager said she was going to pull the items until this issue was corrected as she didn't want to face an angry parent with a screaming kid.

Is this just a poor design or were the packs beat to death in transit? Were they tested before being shipped? What about the animatronic things? Is there a problem with those to?

Is this China's revenge to sell us Ghostbuster toys that are defective? OMG, is this Trump's fault (just kidding) - wait, I bet the marketing person is a Democrat who is still mad Hillary lost. Why else would we get teased with items we can't use as promised?


I still love Halloween and am hopeful the Proton Pack issue will be resolved. They have our number and said they would call if a working one was located.

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