Saturday, November 28, 2020

Shop local and keep small businesses afloat

We are looking at the death of the "Mom & Pop" business if folks do not purchase from the small merchants this season. Let's face it folks, Big box stores and internet sellers started the downfall of specialty and local stores, and COvid-19 hasn't help. 

In our case, we were doing okay at the beginning of the year. Sales started improving to the point we expanded and were hopeful at an even bigger expansion by the end of the year. Then the crud showed up and BAM! Shut-down for two months. Limited opening and a slow start now. Folks have been terrified by the media. Don't go out - you might die from Covid! Stores continue to get threatened by the government if folks don't follow "the rules". Forget that there aren't any actual LAWS in place. Sadly, every week there seems to be another building with a "Gone out of business" sign on the window.

If local shops are to survive, and you want a choice other than Wal-Mart or Amazon, please make some of your purchases at your local stores this holiday season. You will help the economy, keep the sales taxes in your city, and prevent a small business owner from closing their doors - and laying off employees.

We all win. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!

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