Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Struggle for Greycliff begins

This week the people of Greycliff made their voices heard. A publisher has the first book for review and with Thaepona's blessing, will send me a contract. The novel has been dear to me, ever since I first started on it three years ago. It began as a short story. I realized it had to turn from a short to a novel length.

Sending to one publisher, I received my first rejection. Yes, it was disappointing. Determined to Gaelynn and her companions the chance to be heard, I tried again. I'm sending prayers to Thaepona - the Mother Goddess of Gaelynn's new world and to Kyregat, the father God, with hopes they will influence the publishers. Should Yesterady's Rose get printed, the next step is to send in the next book, "In the Shadow of the King".

Here is a brief synopsis of the first book:

Where is Greycliff one asks? It is one of seventeen countries relevant to a series of novels set in an alternate world which never made it past the 12th century. These lands roughly resemble our modern world's past in regards to events, but the names & places are different.

The first story, "On the Trail of Yesterday's Rose" starts in our time, San Francisco-Bay Area following Gaelynn Blackwood. She has believed since was a little girl, of a destiny in another time. Gaelynn is a loner, studying Karate, Kabudo, archery, and any other skill or knowledge she believes could give her an edge in survival. Gaelynn eventually joins a Renaissance Fair reinactment guild, where she has her first crush: a man names Ramsey Cooper. She also loses her first friend, Taneika in a tragic event.

Gaelynn does find a magical means to cross the time barrier, only it's not when she goes back to but where that throws her a loop. She runs in to trouble immediately, getting taken by a group of three men. After she escapes from her captors, she runs into a band of knights, where she is placed under the protection of Sir Braeden du Faucione. Neither Braeden or Gaelynn are pleased about the arrangement. Braeden's cousin, Sir Edward du Faucione develops a fascination with Gaelynn, and within days asks her to marry him.

Gaelynn finds it difficult to fit in. Despite her 'training', being spoiled by her parents and her general freedom as a child has made her unsuited for the conditions she is now living. She forces Braeden to deliver severe punishment to her. Throughout the journey, Braeden and Gaelynn fight a growing mutual attraction to one another.

The rest of the book consists of the time spent for Braeden and his men, along with Gaelynn, as they travel from the Livanyan desert Firelands to the lush green lands of Greycliff. Braeden has been dodging his younger brother, Gregory, assasins, since he arrived in the desert. Braeden knows the attempts on his life will increase as he gets closer to home. Gregory desires all that Braeden has, including the designator of heir to the Barony of Faucione.

Afraid his father has followed through with his threats to arrange a marriage, Braeden stops at Karivane castle, the summer home of King Arken of Greycliff, to request permission to marry Gaelynn. The King puts off his answer, telling the knight and his followers to be his guest until he makes his decision. During the time at Karivane, Gaelynn makes a choice of her own that will impact their lives forever more.

Gaelynn and Braeden do get the approval from Arken. Just before she walks in the the temple, Edward begs Gaelynn not to marry his cousin, but she goes through the ceremony, wearing Braeden's bruises & cuts on her face and body.

The story ends just after Gaelynn delivers a child, setting up the next novel.

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