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The Tortured Knight

Sir Braeden du Faucione (pronouned faw-CY-on) is his father's declared heir over his younger brother, Sir Gregory du Faucione. Braeden is sent by his father, Baron Phillip du Faucione to foster as a page, and ultimately staying to train as a squire, at the Keep of Sir Owen, the Baron of Wymerth in Greycliff.

While at Wymerth, Braeden meets Ranulf de Corbeau. The two boys become fast friends. After earning their spurs, Ranulf swears allegience to Braeden.

Baron Wymerth's desmenses is unique in Greycliff. The Lord trains selected boys for service to the Greycliff Crown in special skills, according to each boy's abilities. Over the years, knights obtaining their spurs have been members of the King's elite, but secret force, each specializing in various areas. Braeden's tracking skills are unmatched, and he is a trained assasin. Braeden discovers a thrill in punishing others, he embraces the torture wholeheartedly. Still, he's not as good as ripping a person apart or drawing out pain as is his friend, Ranulf. Together they make a perfect pair.

Braeden is no stranger to tragedy. When he was 14, he sired a son on Orsela, a servant at Faucione. The boy dies in a hunting mishap. Braeden gets a guardsman's daughter pregnant when he's 16, the resulting girl child dies of poisoning.

Braeden is twisted by his boyhood training at Wymerth. After a vow sends him to Livanya, King Gharran of Livanya makes full use of Braeden & Ranulf's special skills. Spending time chasing down rebels and traitors adds to Braeden's inner demons. In the deserts of Livanya, referred to as the 'Firelands', no one reins in Braeden or Ranulf. Their names spark fear in their enemies. It is said the blood runs deep under the sand any place they horses tread. It is no wonder the two men live life as hard as they fight.

When the time comes to return Greycliff, the young knight is almost gone, replaced by a dark, brooding man. Half of Braeden's original men are dead. He's placed in charge of a young woman found wandering alone in the desert, a female who has no respect for rules or authority.

Braeden fights growing feelings for Gaelynn as he, and his knights, slowly travel out of the desert, across the sea, and back to home. Braeden knows Gaelynn is lying to him about her past. Just before Braeden's party boards a ship, a knight representing Gaelynn's betrothed husband approachs him, along with men from King Gharran & King Cynric's (of Royalem) court. They identify Gaelynn and tell Braeden him part of her past.

Braeden is asked to keep the information secret, for her protection, until he reaches the court of King Arken. The mutual attraction between Gaelynn and Braeden grows throughout the trip. At the same time, Edward, Braeden's cousin starts to challenge his relative. Edward is feeling his oats and testing his cousin over Gaelynn and general decisions.

Braeden must come to grips with his feelings about Gaelynn, and decide if he wants to marry her and place her at risk from his brother's scheming should he do so. Braeden must also deal with his cousin, Edward. Finally, Braeden has to deal with his brother's plots to become the sole heir.Danger finds Braeden at unexpected moments, and from within his own ranks.

Reaching the court of King Arken, the place he should be safe and able to sleep well, the intrigues continue. Arken takes a fancy to Gaelynn. Instead of immediately approving a marriage request , Arken wants to consider the options first. After all, Braeden is a noble. He might be needed to marry for polictal purposes. The stop will be Braeden's biggest mistake of his life and one he will regret up until before the day he dies.

Here is Braeden's profile:

born: 05-18-1154
brownish-blonde hair
brown eyes
knife scar on right cheek
mother: Dierdre (died of illness when Braeden was 18)
father: Sir Phillip, the Baron of Faucione
brother: Sir Gregory

he is a Taurus (the Bull)

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