Thursday, February 17, 2011

The infamous 'Number 2'

The the words of Captain Picard, "Make it so." Sir Ranulf de Corbeau is the second in command for Sir Braeden du Faucione. He has been the best friend, and sworn man, to Braeden since they met as pages at Baron Wymerth's keep.

Ranulf came from a good family; he is the third son of an Earl. Ranulf was blooded at 15 years. Phaelyng raiders ambushed the hunting party consisting of Rabulf, his father, and his brothers. During the fight Ranulf's father was killed, Ranulf in turn slaughtered the man responsible for his sire's death.

Ranulf is the strong and silent one in the story. He doesn't speak very often, but when he does, it's well worth paying attention to his words. Ranulf is loyal to Braeden. He is is trained to gather intelligence from any person, in any method necessary, including torture. Ranulf also received assasination training during his time at Wymerth. Using the skills he was taught in the desert has slowly begun to poison Ranulf. He tries to deaden his pain whenever he can with vorane, a hard liquor.

When Gaelynn joins the knights in Livanya, Ranulf is suspicious of her story immediately. He doesn't warm up to her until their time on Agrulac, when he helps her defeat a band of slavers intent on capturing Gaelynn. He does his best to maintain a respectful distance, always watching for trouble. His drinking hasn't hurt his fighting abilities but being around Gaelynn has started to curtil it.
As the novel moves on, Ranulf becomes less of a background player and becomes a stronger supporting role to Gaelynn. She opens up to him, and in doing so learns about Braeden. At the same time, Ranulf let a little of his personality peek out.

Here is Ranulf's profile:

birthday: June 28, 1154
raven-black hair
brown eyes
mother: Carnela (dies when Ranulf was ten)
father: Gilbert (killed while hunting when Ranulf was 15)

brothers: Arthur, Earl of Corbeau (married to Edith) and Sir Jared, Seneschal for Arthur

he is a Cancer sign

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