Monday, February 28, 2011

Following the Leader - the Betrayer

Sir Edward du Faucione wants to break free of his follower role. Edward is the second son of Sir Joselin of Faucione, the hereditary Seneschal and holder of Sunderling Keep, and of Lady Annalin. Sir Joselin is a distant cousin of Baron Faucione, SIr Phillip. Edward’s fate was to become a household knight or join a temple as his older brother Lionel was designated heir in his father’s place.

Edward was sent to Faucione to begin training as a squire, where he was befriended by Gregory; the younger son of Baron Faucione. Gregory’s mother, Deirdre, refused to have her son sent away to foster as her other son, Braeden.

Gregory took advantage of Edward’s need to fit in, manipulating the young squire for his own use. It wasn’t long before Edward was known as just another of Gregory’s flunkies, willing to pull off a prank, or admit responsibility for a misdeed of Gregory’s doing. In return, Gregory protected Edward, occasionally rewarding him for his loyalty with gifts or women. Eventually, Edward opens his eyes to the games and tricks, but it is too late. Gregory sets up Edward to be a part of a tragedy involving the death of Braeden’s young bastard son. After the event, Gregory blackmails his cousin into performing all manner of tasks.

Once Braeden returns home, Gregory knows his brother will discover the undermining of his father’s authority. Gregory decides to put Edward to work. When Lord Phillip becomes ill, Gregory acts quickly. Braeden declares he is leaving to go on a pilgrimage to fulfill a vow after his father makes a miraculous recovery. Gregory orders Edward to go along as a spy. Edward has no idea that the information he provides to Gregory is meant to end with Braeden’s death in the Livanyan Firelands.

Edward swears a false oath to Braeden. During the journey to Livanya, and the time spent in the desert Firelands, Edward comes to respect his cousin. He begins to send misleading information to Gregory, in an attempt to save Braeden.

Edward quickly falls in love with Gaelynn, refusing to accept she doesn’t return his feelings. He also begins to challenge his cousin, Braeden, for Edward believes he could be a leader. It is during the journey back to Greycliff that Edward matures, trying his best to convince Gaelynn not to marry Braeden, and even offering to adopt her child as his own when he discovers that her baby might not be of Braeden's blood
Braeden and Edward do make their peace. Braeden respects Edward’s skills as a rider, and a trainer of horses. He appoints Edward as his Marshall, although Braeden takes time before he fully trusts his cousin again.

Here is Edward’s Profile:

born: 06-14-1158
medium build
black hair
blue eyes
mother: Annalin
father: Sir Joselin
brother: Sir Lionel (married to Alice, son is Nicholas)

he is a Taurus (the Bull)

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