Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Divine Rights of the King

King Arken of Greycliff was was seventeen years old when his father Hadrell died of a serius illness. His mother, Dowager Queen Sareane insisted her son not wait until the age of majority (20), therefore making him the youngest prince crowned in Greycliff's history. Arken has two brothers, Prince Briac, the Duke of Stagrisvue, and Prince Faxon, the Duke of Nalavignon.

Arken was sent to Sir Quinton, the Earl of Maudari, by King Hadrell when he was 11 years old. In June of 1172, Arken met Walthen of Campo in the village of Willowlake, in Seimerki, while squiring for the Earl of Maudari. Queen Sareane began preparations to crown her son King of Greycliff: the ceremony was held on May 01. Arken brought his friend, Walthen to Foxwarre as an advisor.

Walthen’s first duty was to find a suitable wife for the young King. The search for a wife, and the resulting negotiations, took two years. Arken married Reidun of Seimerki on August 20, 1176. An arranged marriage, Arken and Reidun were not madly in love, but they did learn to respect one another.

Reidun gave Arken two sons, Prince Emrhys and Prince Kyrold, unfortunately, Reidun passed away of childbed fever two weeks after birthing Kyrold on May 31, 1178.

Arken first saw Gaelynn in November of same year, where he developed an infatuation with Braeden du Faucione’s intended bride. It was common knowledge at court, that once the King set his sights on a target, he never gave up the chase until he brought down his target. Gaelynn voiced her concern to Sir Braeden, a warning Braeden ignored, and later came to regret.

Arken is a man who knows what he wants. He exudes power and authority, lighting up the room with his vibrance and enthusiasm. When Arken turns on the charm, women are unable to resist him. Having access to the best tutors as a child, he speaks multiple languages; is an expert swordsman & hunter; can play the mandolin; and, he’s not afraid to utilize those around him to their best advantage. Arken is a ruthless commander, who crushes his enemies without hesitation.

If the King has one fault, it is his tendency to love too much. The King wants Gaelynn and has no limits on what he will do to make her his. He uses every resource in his power to set his plan in motion. No one, not even a Red Snake assassin, would dare to stand in King Arken's way.

Here is Arken’s profile:

Birthday: March 4, 1157
Athletic build
Black hair
Green eyes
Crowned: May 01, 1174
Dies: November 29, 1197
Mother: Queen Sareane of Witcenogra
Father: King Hadrell
First wife: Reidun, mother of Princes Emrhys and Kyrold
Second wife: Gaelynn Blackwood widowed wife of Sir Braeden, the first Earl of Faucione
Children: Amelia, Prince Averell, Prince Arken II, Prince Rivolyn and Princess Ranaia (last two twins)
Astrological sign: Aries

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