Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'll be Your Best Friend Forever

Sir Peter of Caroek is a deceptive man. He is related to Sir Walter of Caroek, a man Gaelynn decides is the Greycliff equivilent to Sir John Marshall, the father of Sir William Marshall. Sir Caroek was in process of falling out of favor about the time Sir Braeden and his small party arrived at Karivane Castle. The Caroek family, managed to stay connected to the Royal family through carefully placed fosterings.

As a young man, Peter swore an oath as a household knight to Braeden's father, Lord Phillip. As Phillip's confidence grew in Peter, he gave the young knight more duties to fulfill, including the occasional squire to train. Peter was one of many knights who played a role in the forging of Gregory (Braeden's brother) future.

Once Gregory earned his spurs, he accepted Peter in to his inner circle of men. WHen Braeden completed his training, he returned home. After his father became ill, Braeden prayed for his father's recovery, promising to make a pilgrimage to the Livanyan FIrelands to serve under the King's army protecting travelers until the Goddess Jaira sent him a sign his time was done. When Lord Phillip made the miraculous reversal oevrnight, Braeden had to make good on his promise. Peter followed Braeden to the Livanyan deserts,also referred to as the Firelands, as one of Gregory's agents.

Once Braeden and his remaining men were ready to come home,they caem across Gaelynn. Sir Peter courted Gaelynn in a subtle manner, gaining her friendship. He made sure she turned to him when she was lonely or needed a shoulder to cry on. Peter never expected to fall in love, nor the object of his affection to strike back at him at a moment of decision.

Here is Peter's profile:

mid 30's
blonde hair
blue eyes

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