Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game of Thrones / Camelot - spoilers

Two new cable series started this month as promised.

The first one, Camelot is a re-telling of the Arthurian saga produced by Starz. I find it intriging to see how various writers & producers add their take on the legend.

In this version there is the love triangle, but Leontes is married to Guinevere - who falls in love with Arthur. Merlin is a middle aged man, not the "old wizard" we have been previously accustomed to. Morgan is the half-sister, who married Lot and killed him in the second episode.

The "Lady of the Lake" is a young girl, daughter of the sword-maker who fashioned the sword for Arthur. Merlin accidently kills the girl's father. The girl, named Excalibur, runs off and drowns trying to keep the weapon away from Merlin, who names the sword after her. The sword in the stone is a different one altogether, but Arthur does pull it out of the stone to prove his worthiness to be King.

HBO is producing George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones saga as a series. The first episode was shown this week. I like the actors selected to portray the characters, the scenery is good, and the script has done well with following the first book. I like Ser Clegane,also known as 'The Hound'. His Dog helm looked fantasic. The Lannisters, particularily Jamie were very believable. And Daenerys - she is a scared newlywed right now but her character becomes a powerful Queen.

I look forward to the further episodes of one of my favorite book series.

There is nothing like a good epic fantasy! I especially am looking forward to July 12th, when Dancing With Dragons is released.

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