Monday, April 18, 2011

San Jose Sharks & Playoffs

Once again, this isn't related to writing, but what the heck - it's the playoffs. The San Jose Sharks and the Los Anglees Kings are tied in the series one game each. Game three takes place Tuesday night in LA.

The Sharks should win this series. I say should, because they have the offensive edge and last year's Stanley Cup winning goalie (Niemi). After Saturday's game, the Kings showed their not going to roll over and give the Sharks an easy time. This will be a rough & tumble match-up.

I told my hubbie I wanted to make the drive to San Jose to watch the parade when the team wins the Cup. He said "Sure." Of course, he added that he didn't think that would happen for another ten years. He is certain the League has it out for the Sharks for some reason. He swears there's back room deals & pay-offs to keep San Jose from winning the Cup.

I say "It ain't so."

I guess I'm just a hopeful optimist.

Here's to wearing the teal in San Jose after winning the sixteen games for the silver.

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