Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thanks for the ride

My Boys of winter (the San Jose Sharks) lost game five in double OT yesterday. A lucky bounce and the puck went in past Niemi. The quick goal by Kevin Bieska squeezed in so quickly that no one but Kevin was even sure it was a legal goal at first. The two refs and two linesman were gathered at the glass, debating on whether the goal should be reviewed when the Rogers Center staff let the confetti fall from the ceiling and the goal light came on. The mass of media filed in, finally convincing the announcers the game was over.

A bazaar goal to be certain, which was a good goal as seen on the instant replay.

San Jose had 56 shots on goal to Vancouver's 34. It was the best game of the series, which to my dismay (and I would imagine the Sharks, and the rest of the Sharks fans) we lost. Boyle and Setoguchi scored on regulation for San Jose, and Burrows and Kessler for Vancouver. A clean game, with a only penatlies called. No one could complain about the referees this time.

I now wait to see who wins the East - and wait for the Cup finals to begin. As most of the other team fans, I will sit back and dream of next season. One day I will see my boys of winter hoist that silver chalice up high and skate the oval ice with terars of joy, but it won't be this year. I'll make the drive to San Jose and yell & cheer until I lose my voice during the celebration parade. I'll have my picture taken with a player, get a couple of autographs (if I can) to add to my personal collection, and I'll share stories with other SJ fans. Some day...

Thank you gentlemmen. It's been a hell of a ride and I enjoyed the show. Twenty-one is a magical number - let's see what happens next season!


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