Monday, February 27, 2012

Moshuh's Adventures: Hidden Valley Regional Park

With a bit of decent weather and no family needs, Moshuh and I had a free day. We took a drive out to Hidden Valley Regional Park. This a nice nice, out of the way park, that is dog friendly. On Washoe County's official Parks and Recreation site, it is noted that dogs are supposed to be leashed at all times. There are fenced dog runs, with doggie bags, available to clean up after the messes. Please pick up your dog's feces - we want to show the County we are responsible dog owners, to encourage more dog parks.

Hidden Valley is not only dog-friendly, it is Horse-friendly, too.

The dog run has human and dog-level water fountains. A nice horse arena is available for use. Parking is plentiful, although shade is lacking. I saw many nice picnic benches, with a few BBQ's. The park was clean. Keen in mind the access is through a residential area, so mind the speed limits.

After Moshuh did his bit, we started our hike. Mo's never been very good in fenced enclosures. I guess I can't blame him. After all, he spent his first eight weeks cooped up in a field enclosed by chain-link fence. Whoo knows what really happened to Mo, his mother, and his liter mates until they were rescued.

Be warned, once you leave the parking area, there are no amenities at all. Take some water and a cellphone in case you run into trouble. This park is high desert area. The views of the valley are wonderful. During warmer weather, expect to possibly run in to the normal creatures: snakes, rabbits, coyotes, and closer to the hills, a rare mountain lion or bobcat. We didn't see anything, but then just about every other person there with dogs let their furry companions run off lead. Any xreatures weer long gone or in hiding. Guess those dog owners didn't read the sign posted at the park entrance.

Our leisurely walk was nice. I let Moshuh dictate the direction stopping frequently for sniffs and territory marks. By the time I decided he'd had enough, Mo was ready to go home, a happy dog.

Keep safe out there!

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