Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My take on the job market

What’s up with the job market? Is it really that bad? I don’t think so. In fact, I know there are jobs out there. So why are so many people who want to work jobless? Here are my thoughts on the issue.

First, it’s an ‘employer’s market’ so to speak. Because the number of jobs outnumbers the amount of people searching for work, employers are free to restrict what they will accept. That means lower wages for positions that a couple of years ago would have normally paid more. Yes, in many cases the dollars per hour have become outrageously ridiculous. Companies are asking for applicants to have experience and or four-year degrees yet they don’t want to pay more than ten dollars an hour.

Now, many folks are applying for positions just because ‘it’s a job’ without even remotely qualifying for the job posted. I’ve spoken to persons who said they have open slots but that they can’t find skilled workers. I guess playing a cop on a game on your XBox doesn’t count for patrol experience, right? When I lived in Las Vegas, the common complaint from supervisors was that young persons would rather get jobs as a valet at a parking lot or a stripper instead of finishing school and going on to college. The reason provided was that they could make more money in a short amount of time, and maybe move up the chain in the casino or club.

I hear from friends and family that finding open jobs is tough. Before the Internet came about, one looked at the newspaper to see who was hiring. Now, you have to check the Net, but what website do you go to? There are so many it boggles the mind. Some companies have their own sites, yet others use a service. How do you know what place to check for open jobs? Government agencies are just as bad: every city, county, state, and federal are done separately. Once you find a position, you have to fill out endless forms on-line. Not all sites are friendly and even after you fill in the last line, did the application go through? The majority of the sites aren’t very good in feedback. Was the application accepted? Will you hear back one way or another? Who knows if you were even on the correct place? Why isn't there ONE place to fill out an application? If you don't know a company is hiring, how can you try to get hired in the first place?

It’s a mystery. 

I think most of the on-line forms are scams so the Human Resources (HR) can avoid talking to people. HR Departments are the biggest killers of jobs. I don’t understand why they will ‘paper screen’ out one applicant yet will allow another to continue. I also wonder why they take forever to post positions once an employee resigns. If HR will only allow so many applicants, then they should put a time limit on the process, or have the IT department set it up so after so many apps are received, the system locks and a message displays that the applications are closed.  They set job parameters so high; almost no one can meet them. It’s a wonder anyone can get a job.

Yeah, I know...you can only work with what walks through the door. Wait, try going to a company and applying in person. It almost is unheard of anymore. In fact, some of the bigger companies will tell you to go home and get on-line. They forget, no all of America has computer access. 

There are still a few places without cable, hell, still without enhanced 911!! And the FCC is trying to shove the NG911 down the throats of financially-challenged agencies. 

Over-qualified folks are applying for jobs and taking the spots for minuscule pay. That’s making it tough for the average joes & janes to find regular work. How do you pay your bills when the best you can get is part-time or temporary work paying ten or eleven dollars an hour?
Recently my husband tried to change careers. It’s not the first time in his life that he has made a change from one type of job to another. With the Affordable Care Act in place, he thought he’d switch back to medicine from the construction field. He went to an accredited school, completed the class, did an internship, took & passed the certification test, and acquired his state license. It doesn’t matter what he did. Needless to day, it’s been a year now. EVERY job he’s applied for has turned him down. No experience; he’s ‘overqualified’ (really??); he won’t stay after he gets experience; and, from the Veteran’s Association (who actively advertises on TV for folks to apply) – he not a vet). The bottom line, why would a guy in the construction field, a former 20+ years firefighter/paramedic want to work in medicine again? His experience is too long ago to count and his recent training is wasted.

So, there are jobs out there but good luck discovering where they are. What we found out is that you have to apply for a newly posted job on the first day. After that, forget it. Jobs receive so many applicants, HR’s screen out anyone after the first day with exception of specialized positions. Even jobs in law enforcement can be overwhelmed by superfluous applicants who have no business putting in the job. All the people see is work.

What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

Stay safe out there!


  1. Love your perspective, Diana! Hope your hubby finds a job soon...a year - oy!

  2. Having worked at several start-up companies that went under before the economy tanked, it's been tough out there for a long time. With the current job market making it past the HR screen can boil down to having the right key words on your resume.
    Hope something good comes through for your hubby soon!