Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giving to a good cause

Just a quick post...Nevada Dept. of Wildlife Law Enforcement's division Captain (Game Warden) Kristy Knight is hoping to get sponsors for the annual AIDS Lifecycle bicycle ride. They start in San Francisco and ride to Los Angeles.

Any help would be fantastic.

Let's gt behind Kristy, a wonderful co-worker and all-around nice person.

Here is a link to a short video she made about the ride Copy & paste site to your browser).

from the website:

I'm Riding to End AIDS

My love for cycling came at a really young age.  My love for my brother came at an even younger age.  How could I know the two loves would come together for life changing reasons.

He came along a year and 2 days after me.  From that time on we were inseparable.  There is a bond that can only be explained as being closer than twins.

In 2010, at 30 years of age, the Richard we knew no longer existed.  He was down to 105 pounds and looked very sick.  He could barely walk, couldn't swallow and was wasting away.  It is tough watching your best friend dwindle away in front of your eyes.  One day I just came out and asked him "Do you have AIDS?"  Soon after that question it was confirmed, advanced AIDS.

There is a preconceived notion that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease.  There may be a greater number of gay men infected, but HIV/AIDS has no boundaries.  Not only that, once someone close to you is infected, it affects you.

I became very angry and depressed.  I cried continually.  I became physically sick.  I was grieving while he was still alive.  I can't imagine and still don't know what he goes through with his own mortality.  I remained the rock in his eyes while I died inside.  I didn't know much about about AIDS other than people die.  That's all I thought was he was going to die.  But I wanted/needed to be there for him.

Medical bills.  Doctor appointments. Blood draws.  Medication.  It was ALL very expensive.  My entire family chipped in to pay for these things to help make him better.  He had just lost his medical insurance from being out sick so often.  The mounting costs were unbelievable.

Thousands of dollars every month!  How could anyone, on their own, afford this treatment?  I found out many go without treatment, while others receive special medical assistance that helps pay for everything.  What a breath of fresh air during a time of crisis!

Around this same time, I found out about AIDS/Lifecycle.  A non-profit organization/charity that raises money through donations for those that cannot afford life altering treatments.  Cyclists sign up and raise a minimum of $3000 to ride a fully supported ride from San Francisco to L.A.  7 days, 545 miles.  All in the name of AIDS.

AIDS/Lifecycle donations goes toward awareness, testing, doctor appointments, medication, prevention and support.  All free of charge for those that can't afford it.

2015 will be my 3rd ride for this wonderful cause.  Please help support my ride, this disease because HIV/AIDS affects more than just the person infected.  You can help those struggling to get healthy by donating.

Thank you!--Kristy

Stay safe out there!

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