Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Dispatcher Buddy

Are you tired of getting silence when you do status checks?

Are you an over-worked, under-paid dispatcher?

Are you fed up with trying to be the 'Super-Dispatcher' but never receiving any credit for your hard work?

Keep reading to learn more...

Well...so are we and it's time someone did something about at least one of those things. No, I can't get you more staff. I have no way of arranging a better tax base so you can get raises (I'm NOT a friggin magician or politician).

A couple of my wacky co-workers and I put our heads together between our busy work schedule and came up with a new device to help out with your radio traffic.

That's right...we have a solution for you.

Next time, instead of banging your head against your desk when you can't get an answer from that law enforcement officer, medic, or fire unit, don't despair. There is no reason to write up requisitions to replace dented consoles or broken phones (yeah, sure it fell...).

Just order one of our Dispatch Buddies. Think of the person you want the updated status. One shake and MDB will display what he or she is doing.


Our device has a great selection of possible answers. Here are a few of the possible responses:

disclaimer: not available in the global world, won't work if subject is wearing a foil hat, or has a 'I heart XXX tattoo' on any part of their body. Do not use around microwaves or pacemakers.

Stay safe out there!

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