Saturday, July 20, 2019

What's new in our store this month?

We try to keep our store booth fresh. We are constantly bringing in different items up update our inventory.

Currently, we have in stock a wide selection of hand-turned pens and wine-stoppers. As always, I am beating the pavement in search of classic, gently used, classic children's books for those of you who home-school or just want decent reading material for your children/grandchildren. We try to fins antique and vintage toys for collectors. Our stock also includes figurines, china, and silver plate. The autographed movie posters from Braveheart and Casino are still available. The Certificates of Authenticity are included with each.

Come see us at 151 N. Sierra St, cross of Second T, Reno, NV in the Antiques and Treasures store. Ask for Sam and Diana's booth, dealer 1199D. Below are a few photos of some items for sale.

Jim fire engine with box

Beach Party Eeyore

just some of the hand-turned pens available

hand-turned winestoppers

1994 GI Joe Convention Show special figure with box

 Silver plate candlelabra with crystal drops

Come down and see what is new with our offerings!

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