Saturday, November 2, 2019

Is that a bear in my trash can?

The leaves have fallen and we are getting ready to change the clocks back. That means the holiday season is upon us but that is not what this post is about. 


Fall brings an increased amount of bear activity. Yes, friends, those pesky bruins are doing their best to fatten up for the winter.

Before bears can settle down foe the winter hibernation, they need to put on the pounds. Their bodies depend on the fat gained during the fall while they "sleep". Bears can awake during winter, so seeing a bear wander is not unusual. Don't be surprised if you see a bear walking around during the daylight. Black bears come in a variety of colors. Once a bear choses a den, it will stick to it, so be sure to close off open areas under your house or deck!

Bears are basically lazy creatures and don't want to waste calories in their search for food, hence the liking for trash. Most areas in bear-country have some sort of ordinance requiring trash cans and dumpsters to be secured or locked. This is a deterrent against bears (and other wildlife).

Other common-sense practices to keep bears away include keeping animal feed locked up and inside a building. Don't put out bird seed until there is snow on the ground (or if you do, scatter it on the ground). Pick up fruit. Protect chicken coops and bee hives with electrified fencing. Don't leave food (or food wrappers/containers) in vehicles. Keep trash cans in a bear box and lock dumpsters.

If you live in a state with bears, go to your state fish & game agency for more information about bears (and other wildlife).

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife - Bear Awareness

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