Sunday, December 8, 2019

Looking for a Christmas gift?

If you live in Northern Nevada, or are planning a trip to the Reno/Carson area this month be sure to come by the Antiques store in downtown Reno. It can be found at Second Street and Sierra.

The store has been described as a mall without walls. with three levels of booths. Our fellow dealers have everything from jewelry, fine furniture, books, toys, and gag gifts to the obscure collectibles.

Sam and I specialize in vintage toys, children's books, and hand-crafted wood products.  Looking for Breyer horses, Britain figures, Star Wars figures, or gently used-children's books? Come see us! We also have an eclectic collection of household goods, figurines, and firefighting-related collectibles. Want to add some decent vintage silver plate hollowware or nice little ceramic pieces to fill a stocking? We have them!

Winter is coming and we have Game of Thrones merchandise. And for those soon-to-be cold winter days, come grab a couple of dollar paperbacks - and a free bookmark!

Ask for dealer 1199d, "SD Curiosities"  (Sam and Diana's booth).

Thanks for shopping with us.

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