Friday, March 20, 2020

What to do while "sheltering in place" at home?

One might ask what can you do while sheltering in place at home? For those who might need a little direction, here are some suggestions:

1. Read a book or re-read one of your favorite books.

2. Start a craft project that you have been putting off. Craftsy has online classes in all sorts of skills (knitting, crochet, painting, sewing, culinary, etc.)
3. Re-organize your pantry. Toss out any items expired. DO you really need to keep that cold cream from 1998?

4. Go through the medicine cabinet and organize the jumbled mess.

5. Organize the linens. Wash and put sets together (keep sheet sets together in a inside-out pillow case).

6. Play some board games with the family.

7. Write letters (not email) to old friends or elderly family members.

8. Organize the photos - note who is on them with dates and place names.

9. Plan your spring garden.

10. Alphabetize your movie, CDs, and books.

See, it's not difficult to come up with things to do.

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