Thursday, March 19, 2020

When we look back

Governor Sisolak ordered a 30 day shut-down of all non-essential businesses on March 17th. Many other states have done the same and a couple have gone so far as to mandate curfews or activate their National Guard.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I understand that this virus is serious to those vulnerable folks at risk (extremely old, very young, or people with compromised immune systems). The rest of us would just come down with (most likely) bad colds. In fact, many people who tested positive didn't know they had Covid-19 - they thought they have the flu. So, implementing these extreme measures seems draconic.

Excuse me, but are we at war?

How many businesses will close down permanently due to the proclamation? In Reno and Sparks(Washoe County, NV), we have been dealing with a couple of years of horrible Public Work road projects. The planning of the "neighborhood road beautification projects has been a nightmare. In some parts, multiple lane access roads were taken down to one lane in each direction with widened sidewalks. We watched as businesses closed and never opened back up. In a section called Midtown, it's happening again. Between the construction and now the ordered shut-down, that part of town may never recover.

In times of emergency the government has to take action. We all get that. I have lived through two major earthquakes, multiple wildland fires, a flood, and a riot. In none of those circumstances, were businesses ordered to shutdown. There were limitations for public safety purposes, obviously.

I believe our government is reacting as "the sky is falling" and our President will be blamed. Sadly, we kept hearing for months BEFORE this virus reared it's ugly head from the Democrats that we were headed for a recession despite the surging economy. It took this virus to kill things and now they seems to smiling. Of course they are pleased, to get a tanking economy. What they don't understand is that the American people are pissed off at those making the stoppage orders and putting out the fear-mongering news.

We will get over this and come back stronger as we always do. I think, and this is my opinion, the Sisolak is done as Governor. As for Reno Mayor Schieve, it is time for new leadership.

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