Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Day rant - Two down and how many to go?

Memorial Day is almost upon us. The holiday weekend is the official start of summer  for the agency where I work. Already the Game Wardens are spending more time doing water patrol. It never ceases to amaze me of the number of vessel stops called in during the daylight hours. The the weekends, it's almost constant. Sadly, the most common reason seems to be folks boating without wearing personal floatation devices (PFDs). Personally, if an adult doesn't want to wear one, whatever, but a minor child should have one on no matter what. Every year too many kids die from unnecessary drownings. A PFD would have saved those children's lives.

As prediction in an earlier post, two members of the San Jose Sharks won't be returning next season. Martin Havlat and Dan Boyle's contracts were not renewed. Who else will be wearing another team's colors on opening day in October? We'll see see but rumor had it TMac had supposedly received an offer from a Canadian team. The Coach is coming back for another attempt per Doug Wilson. Needless to say, the San Jose owners weren't pleased with the team's overall effort as per this statement released (from the team's web site):

San Jose Sharks majority owner Hasso Plattner today released the following statement:
“I am very disappointed in the way our team finished the 2013-14 season. Gaining a 3-0 series advantage and being unable to advance is a major blow to our organization and fan base. Our teams have been consistently built to go deep into the playoffs and this goal won't change.
Doug Wilson and I have met over the past two weeks. He has shared his support of the coaching staff, as well as his recommended changes to our team’s roster, and he has my complete support moving forward.
I want to thank our extremely loyal fans and partners for their continued support and to let them know that we are not satisfied with the status quo of the last several seasons.
I am confident that with the proposed changes, Doug and his staff will build a team we can all be proud of.”

He wasn't the only unhappy owner. The Penguins fired their GM. After the Cup is hoisted, the house of cards will fall and I'm sure more casualties will be looking for new jobs. Boston and St. Louis were favorites to win and those guys are hitting the golf courses earlier than expected. 

So who do I cheer on out of the final four: LA, Chicago, New York Rangers, or Montreal? What a tough decision. Montreal lost Carey Price to injury - which gives NY the edge now. I'm not a Chicago fan, but I hate LA. So, it's the Eastern Conference: Canada or NY? 

Shall I put it up for a vote?

I'm just gonna hope for some good hockey and wait to watch California Chrome run in the Belmont. God, I hope that horse can pull it off!! Doesn't he remind you of Secretariat, just a little bit?

Stay safe out there!

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